September 1st

Wahoo!  Fall is almost here!  I'm super excited to start wearing sweaters and boots again!  The weather has been really nice since we've been back and I'm really hoping we won't have any more heat waves, just a nice steady progression into cooler weather.  September is always a busy month for us, we have five birthdays; one of which is Joe's so we're always out celebrating something.  I seriously considered skipping my goals this month because of how majorly I failed in August.  Did you see?  The only one I actually accomplished was my steps!  In my own defense I think I took on too much with an 8 day vacation at the end.  I've decided to power on and still set a few goals though.

1. Use my kayak at least three times.  After all that hassle of buying the thing, cutting my hand and breaking my mom's windshield trying to get it home, I still haven't actually used it!  I need to get a life vest but other then that it's good to go and I'm determined to get it out on the water before we put it away for the winter.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn.  I'm pretty sure this one is self explanatory.  If I want any chance of losing these last 5 pounds to hit my goal weight I need to continue tracking and managing my food appropriately.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes.  I've been a terrible slacker the last two months and haven't gotten there.  Hopefully my gym buddies will keep me in line and help get my butt there more often.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more.  I've sung the praises of my fitbit enough but once again...the walking really helps me stay active and burn more calories (although I'm still going to need to find time to watch all the new shows as they premiere for the season!) and Joe and I spend more quality time together walking.
5.  Set up ebay selling site.  I don't really like to talk money around these parts but things have been super tight for me lately thanks to some unexpected expenses over the summer.  I really don't want to get another waitressing job so I'm hoping that selling my bigger clothes and other things on ebay will help supplement my income until I can build my savings up again.

And away we go...

Thursday morning wasn't pretty.  Late Wednesday night we learned that some friends of ours got engaged.  And while I'm extremely happy for them and excited that we'll probably have another wedding to attend, it still makes me sad that I'M not engaged.  Joe and I talk about the future regularly enough but I'm not a patient person and my jealous/pouty side rears it's ugly head when I get news like that.  The worst part of it is that Joe and I have totally different styles of handling stress, I want to talk talk talk, I need it all out and discussed but when he's stressed he shuts down.  You can imagine how the following 12 hours go...  Well, he had to be at a meeting early so I was all by myself with my thoughts while I got ready for work Thursday morning.  I had a glass of Trop 50, a banana and a granola bar for breakfast (345 calories) then packed myself my usual greek yogurt and fruit for lunch.  Then right before I ran out the door I dumped everything in the crock pot for dinner.  In case you're interested it was a 2.6 lb slab of corned beef, 3 cups of apple juice, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tbsp of mustard, a small head of cabbage, 4 red potatoes, 1/2 an onion and 3 carrots on low for 8-10 hours.
For some reason everyone in my office decided to order lunch from Jalapenos & Salads.  We NEVER order lunch, a few people will run out and pick something up occasionally but mostly we all brown bag it.  When I asked what all the chatter was about Brittany told me I was ordering lunch.  Well, ok then, I got a grilled chicken burrito (400 calories) and it was yummy.
Once I had a chance to calm down and think rationally about the engagement situation I sent Joe an email letting him know how I felt.  Sometimes I think it's better that way because it takes most of the emotion out of what's being said.  It's easier to hear the actual words when you're not looking at the pained expression or focusing on the tone of the other person's voice.  After that everything seemed back to normal :-) 

When I walked in the door from work the house smelled delicious!  I checked on the crock pot and was excited to see that everything was cooked and ready to eat.  I just can't get over how easy it was!  All I have to do is throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and leave it on low while I'm at work all day and then dinner is ready when I get home!  I have a feeling I'll be using the crock pot a lot of often.
Nicole and I were planning to go on our caching excursion that night since it hadn't worked out on Tuesday.  Lou usually works late on Thursdays so I was planning to go right after work then eat dinner with Joe when he got home.  Of course things didn't go the way I planned; Lou got home early and when Nicole let me know they'd be eating then we'd meet up I made myself a plate (580 calories) and watched some Bachelor Pad until they were ready.
Of course as soon as I started eating Nicole told me they were going to wait to eat until after our walk, lol.  I finished eating, changed my clothes and met them about a 1/2 hour later.  We wandered our normal route then veered off into a wooded area for the first cache.  Unfortunately Irene had flooded the middle part of the location and I couldn't get around to where the cache was.  There was another cache in the opposite direction so we headed that way.  Nicole claims to be afraid of her own shadow so I didn't mention that we were heading towards the pet cemetery until we were almost in it...  It's one of those neat things you learn while caching, I'm sure most people in our town have no idea there's a pet cemetery in the middle of a block between houses.  The cache was a quick find and we were on our way.  Jack had had enough of being in his stroller so I put him on my shoulders for the last 1/2 mile until we got home.  It was pretty funny, I swear he was trying to kill me, he kept grabbing at my throat and covering my eyes!
Joe got home shortly after we did.  He really enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage then asked me to teach him to use the crock pot!  I guess he's planning to use it more often too!  I could not stop snacking all night!  I wasn't even hungry after my super filling dinner but I kept finding myself in the kitchen.  I told Joe to make me stop but even with his prodding about turning into a big fat fatty I managed to eat a fun size pack of M&Ms and a handful of mini-wheats.  We spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching the Phillies, Eagles and True Blood before heading up to bed around 11.
1. Use my kayak at least three times ~ no water sports today = 0 times total.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn ~ breakfast: 345 + lunch: 400 + dinner: 580 + snacks: 123 = 1448 calories, 2217 burned - 1448 = -769 total = 1 day total. 
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes ~ 60ish minutes of walking/caching = 60 minutes total.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more ~ 12215 steps = 1 day total.
5.  Set up ebay selling site ~ Didn't start yet; it'll probably be a day Joe and I have off together and there aren't any of those for a while...

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  1. LOVE using the crock pot! I have several recipe books. I could maybe let you borrow one... Since I'll see you Monday...