September 19th

I'm sure I've already mentioned that Joe is on vacation for 8 days.  Monday was his first day off and he was pretty excited.  He even got up and out of bed while I was still upstairs getting ready for work.  He was already out in the yard working by the time I got downstairs.  I stuck the last french toast bagel in the toaster oven and added some cream cheese & banana (527 calories) for another delicious breakfast treat.  I didn't want to have another bagel for lunch so I bypassed my peanut butter & jelly and brought leftover chinese for lunch instead (279 calories).
Turns out Joe was putting the finishing touches on his kayak rack.  I'm extremely impressed!  He built it from scratch and it attaches to his bike and through the fishing pole holes in the kayak.  So while Joe was spending the day fishing and pulling his kayak around town I was at worked being mocked.  I guess I can admit that the entire system didn't intend to mock me but it sure feels that way.  
You see I am inundated with emails like the one above for about two weeks while the staff is motivated to take an annual survey.  Once we complete the survey we are each given a light up ring as a thank you.  Of course I'm just joking but it's fun to act all insulted when the emails come out.  I of course put mine on and sent Joe a picture...
I told Joe I'd do whatever he wanted since he had the week off.  I had no problem skipping the gym and coming straight home each night but he had to promise we'd work out.  He told me he had plenty to do and I should just head to the gym like usual on Monday.  When I got a text message from Christina promising she'd be at group power that night I knew my fate was sealed.
I did 2 miles using Kat's program on the treadmill then went into class to lift, I've been using lighter weights and trying to perfect my form lately.  I can really tell the difference, I'm still plenty sore that night and the next day and the day after that.
When I got home Joe had some marinated, grilled shrimp waiting for me as an appetizer.  I seriously love having a stay at home boyfriend, if only I could afford to support us both it would be great.  He had also given the crock pot a shot and made some short ribs and paired them with cauliflower in cheese sauce (470 calories).  The meat was were pretty tasty but a little fatty, it was a lot of work cutting and pulling everything apart.
I still needed about 3000 steps to reach my goal so we headed over to Rita's for some dessert, I'm so bummed they're closing for the winter on 10/2.  I ordered a sugar free pink lemonade gelati (290 calories) then saw they were offering pumpkin pie cream ice!  I asked for a sample and it was seriously fantastic.  I'm planning on going back and buying a pint to keep at home.  I even sent a picture to Nicole in hopes of guaranteeing we'd take a few walks over later in the week.
Our next stop was the grocery store.  Joe needed to pick up a few things for Tuesday night's dinner and I needed some basics for breakfast and lunch.  We noticed some guys waiting outside the video game store and Joe said that a new game must be releasing at midnight.  We headed into the grocery store and did our shopping.  On our walk home I was surprised to see that a DJ had been set up on the sidewalk.  I didn't realize video game releases were quite that exciting, especially since there's was maybe 20 people waiting in line.
We got home, unloaded the groceries and watched a little tv before heading up to bed around 10.  I didn't get to watch any new shows because the Phillies were on but we did catch the new How I Met Your Mother once the game was over, LOVE that show!
1. Use my kayak at least three times ~ 0 times total.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn ~ breakfast: 527 + lunch: 279 + dinner: 470 + snacks: 290 = 1566 calories, 2446 burned - 1566 = -880 total = 8 days total.  goal failed
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes ~ 80 minutes of anything = 522 minutes total.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more ~ 10754 steps = 15 days total.
5.  Set up ebay selling site ~ didn't start yet

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