Ending August

Who's idea was it to go on vacation!?!?  It's fun to get away and all but the coming back is almost not worth the effort.  That pile of paper in the picture below is just part of what was waiting for me when I got to the office late Tuesday morning.  Let's not even discuss the 100+ emails in my inbox (after I'd been checking in on them all week).  I'm sure you can see why there's been a little bit of silence over here lately. 
I finally caught up Thursday afternoon so hopefully I'll be back on schedule now.  I have a lot to talk about too.  There's my normal stuff, Five for Friday, Outfits of the Week and we're looking at a new month now so I have to figure out some goals.  But first let's finish up August... 

So I went into work around 11am even though I hadn't really slept in, Joe had to be at work at 9:30 so I was up with him.  At least I got to unpack a little and do a load of laundry before leaving the house.  Nicole was sweet enough to get us some basic groceries, so between those and the farm basket I was able to have a glass of Trop 50 and make myself a breakfast sandwich with pre-cooked bacon, egg and laughing cow on a sandwich thin (355 calories).  I also had enough options to pack a lunch, I had a greek yogurt, a peach, some strawberries and a granola bar (317 calories).

Joe called me towards the end of the day and asked if I'd bring him Taco Bell for dinner.  Apparently he hadn't noticed the food Nicole picked up and hadn't eaten all day!  I was planning to stay late at work and finish up as much as possible but around 5:15 my boss came into my office, told me I looked tired and to go home, lol.  I wasn't about to fight with her so I finished what I was working on and went to bring Joe dinner.  Unfortunately our plan to eat together didn't work out because customers just kept coming up needing help, the nerve.  After waiting about 45 minutes I ate my grilled chicken burrito (430 calories) and headed home.  I had planned on wandering town and picking up some caches with Nicole since I knew I was going to need a lot of steps after spending all day chained to my desk hammering away at that stack.  But by the time I got home from BJs it was getting dark so caching was out.  Joe came home right after me and suggested we hit the grocery store, we stopped at Staples on our way over so Nicole could look for a part for her computer and I found these adorable thumb drives!  It was all I could do not to buy that turtle!
We did a quick trip through the grocery store and then we were off to Rita's.  For some reason I've really been craving bad food lately and my willpower is fading.  Case and point, after already indulging in a fun size pack of M&Ms at work (73 calories) I ordered a Misto instead of my normal small gelati.  Luckily it wasn't that good so I only drank 1/3 of it (111 calories).
Once everyone had finished their treats it was time to head home.  Joe and I were exhausted from all the traveling and went straight up to bed after we put the groceries away.
1. 15 Spend Free Days: 10 days total.
2. Breakfast: 355 calories + Lunch: 317 calories + Dinner: 430 calories + Snacks: 184 calories = 2137 burned - 1286 eaten = -851 total calories burned, 15 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 597 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  10389 steps.  25 days total. goal accomplished
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of housework: 10 days total.

I'm going to continue on to Wednesday in this same post, sorry it'll be a long one! 

We were still tired the next morning, I'm hoping it gets a little better each day.  I guess maybe it's jet lag?  Anyway, Joe opted to stay in bed because he didn't have to work until later.  I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, brown sugar and a diced peach (248 calories).  Then I packed the exact same lunch I'd had the day before, greek yogurt, strawberries, a peach and a granola bar (317 calories).
I am planning to get back to my regularly scheduled gym workouts now that my whole body seems to be healthy/healed and I'm not training for anything major.  I am planning to do the AC Marathon 10K but I don't need a ton of training for that.  That means step class on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  Which also means having to run home after work and make/eat dinner before getting changed and going back out to the gym.  I made a quick and easy meal, baked chicken with brussel sprouts in cheese sauce (215 calories).
I watched an episode of Bachelor Pad while I cooked, ate and got ready; seriously why has no one voted Casey off yet, he's god awful.  Around 6:45 I headed off to meet Christina & Joanne at step.  We did an old version which was equally as sweat producing but slightly less confusing then the current version.  The really bad part was the final 20 minutes when Vern made us do leg lifts.  It should really be illegal to torture people like that.  I mean who sits around and thinks, well if I make them lift one leg at a slight bend with their foot pointed it'll definitely hurt more?
I had a ton of calories left between my super low cal dinner and intense workout so we decided to go for ice cream.  I will be so happy once this summer is over, I swear we don't eat dessert nearly as often in the winter!  I needed a lot of steps but we weren't in the mood for the trek up the busy road to the ice cream place so we decided to drive over then walk to the grocery store when we got home instead.  I had my regular small cappuccino crunch cone (270 calories). 
Our main goal at the grocery store was to get ingredients for corn beef and cabbage.  Joe also wanted some lunch meat but mainly I was determined to use the cabbage from the farm basket.  The only way I have ever eaten it is on St Patrick's day with corn beef so even though it was almost September that was my plan.  I texted my mom for her recipe then picked everything up.
This would also be my first time using our crock pot!  I've had it for more then 3 years but I'd never actually cooked anything in it, sad right?  I spent the next half hour or so chopping and peeling everything so it would be ready in the morning and then we were off to bed.
1. 15 Spend Free Days: 11 days total.  goal failed
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 215 calories + Lunch: 317 calories + Dinner: 215 calories + Snacks: 340 calories = 2491 burned - 1120 eaten = -1371 total calories burned, 16 days total.  goal failed
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 657 total.  goal failed
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  10780 steps.  26 days total. goal accomplished
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of housework: 11 days total.  goal failed

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