Outfits of the Week ~ 9/12-16

Wow, I'm pretty proud of myself.  I'm almost totally caught up on my blogging!  

I really don't feel like writing more about how I need to get my butt in gear.  Bad news...I'm up another pound to 137, so that sucks.  But I have actual exercise scheduled for this weekend so hopefully that'll help.  Tonight I'm going to the gym after work for a 2 mile run and group power then hanging out at home.  I don't have anything planned during day on Saturday, I'm hoping to convince Joe to do a quick run before work though.  Then we're meeting my dad to celebrate Joe's birthday that evening.  On Sunday I'm meeting my friend Kat for a workout, we're either going to run on the beach or do some "hills" nearby.  Either way it'll be a tough one which is great because we're going to Joe's parent's house for cake when he gets home from work that night.  Cross your fingers this next week is the one where I get my act together.

Monday ~ yellow AtlantiCare polo for event with black pants from New York & Company and ballet flats from Naturalizer.  I really wish I would have thought to wear capri pants or shorts that day, it was a hot one sitting on the golf course!
Tuesday ~ purple blouse and necklace from New York & Company, grey pants from The Limited and black shoes from Macy's.  I know I usually don't show shots from behind but Joe snapped this one joking around and I'm pretty impressed with my butt so I thought I'd share, lol.
Wednesday ~ one piece blouse and sweater combo from New York & Company, brown pants from The Limited and nude shoes from Macy's.  I'm a total sucker for anything that comes in one piece.
Thursday ~ dress is from New York & Company and black shoes from Macy's.  I got SO many compliments on this dress at work!
Friday ~ blue patterned button down from The Limited, brown pants from New York & Company and ballet flats from Naturalizer.  It was so nice and cool this morning, I love fall!  Plus it was nice to be able to get dressed without grabbing a sweater for when I get cold at work!

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