wahoo! no work for 10 days!

We were so excited to start our vacation!  Our first act, babysit Jack.  Nicole dropped him off around 8am and a little while later we decided to walk down to Fitzpatrick's for breakfast.  He was super interested in Joe's lemon and made the funniest face after his first taste but he just kept going back for more!
For breakfast I went temporarily insane and ordered the eggs benedict (1160 calories).  I'm not sure what came over me or why I decided to eat practically an entire days worth of calories for breakfast but it was very good!  It's probably been a year since I've had them (they used to be my favorite) and while I did feel a little guilty about the indulgence I think it was worth it when all was said and done.
After breakfast we headed off in search of water shoes.  We were pretty sure we were going to need them in Utah and neither Joe or I had a pair.  I was sure we were going to have a hard time finding shoes for Joe as he's a size 12 shoe but we found them at our first stop, K-Mart.  We also found these super cute metal chairs, they're rockers!  But we couldn't find a price so we had to leave them there, plus we were traveling on foot so there was really no way to get them home.  We considered this table and chairs as well since the whole set was only $150 but in the end it was just too big of a decision right before vacation.
There were two of these lay-z-boy recliners that we were in love with but at more then $200 each there was no way.
After leaving K-Mart we tried Big Lots, Boater's World, Payless and Five Below looking for my size water shoes but had no luck.  Finally we stopped at CVS in a last ditch effort and I found a pair!  Joe doesn't love them and is concerned they aren't going to be "grippy" enough when they're wet but I'm not super worried about it.  So now that I had found shoes we could finally go home, seriously I'm pretty sure I already had all my steps at this point.  Jack took a long nap and was still sleeping when Nicole got home for work!  We hung out for a little while and once he woke up we showed off the present we got him at K-Mart...Cars slippers!
Next up was a quick trip to the beach.  We only had about 3 hours to spend there before I was meeting my boss to finalize her presentation so we loaded up the car and off we went to Longport.  I was excited to just lay out and work on my tan, it had been weeks since I'd been to the beach!
Nicole & Jack played in the sand.
Jack got tired of digging pretty quickly so it was time to get in the water.  He's been really good about playing in the ocean recently and Joe really wanted to get some good pictures of him having fun in the waves.  I did my best to get good shots but it was hard to jump the waves and try to get a clear shot of them at the same time.
This was really the only good one, I'll have to try harder next time.  But I did manage to get a nice picture of Nicole and me though!
I got some bad news while we were at the beach.  I car accident nearby had killed 4 high school students and I knew a couple of them.  It's really rocked our entire area.  My mom taught 3 of the 4 that died and Facebook is full of condolences and memories.  My boss' son was friends with a few of the kids as well so we had to change our plans to work on her presentation until she was sure her son would be ok at home alone.  

We headed home after about 2.5 hours on the beach and I took a quick shower and cleaned up the house before my boss showed up at 6pm.  It didn't take long to get the power point exactly how she wanted, once everything was absolutely perfect I wished her luck and she headed home.  Joe and I started on dinner almost immediately, I was starving!  All I'd had to eat since breakfast was 12 frosted mini wheats (100 calories)!  I wanted to use up the last of our zucchini and some mozzarella cheese so I made up some "pizzas."  The best part, they're super low calorie (251 calories for all 3 pieces) so I didn't add too much onto my giant breakfast.
For some reason I really wanted to keep eating even though I wasn't hungry.  The best option, microwave popcorn (75 calories).
We watched a little tv while I chomped away and then headed to bed, after all we had a 5 mile race in the morning.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  8 days total. 
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 1160 calories + Lunch: 0 calories + Dinner: 251 calories + Snacks: 175 calories = 2223 burned - 1586 eaten = -637 total burned, 10 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 318 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  13383 steps.  16 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  9 days total.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the kids. I hope everyone related to it is doing ok!