This is the post that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend...

I've decided to recap Friday-Sunday all in one post.  I didn't feel like my weekend was that exciting but it seems a little better all laid out here.  There are a lot of pictures so I promise to keep my rambling to a minimum :-)

If you'll recall my Friday morning was a little hectic with getting things together to go to see Chelsea Handler that night.  On my mad rush to get out the front door I tossed a granola bar & apple into my lunch bag for breakfast (245 calories).  It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, even my boss announced that we should all make sure to spend a few minutes outdoors if possible.  So when lunch time rolled around we decided to use the picnic table out front.  I was loving soaking up some sun while I ate my greek yogurt, watermelon & 100 calorie cookies (331 calories), it really perked me up for the rest of the afternoon!
I left work around 4pm and met my sister & Kelli at the parkway rest stop and off we went to Holmdel.  We were making excellent time until we got off a wrong exit.  We still made it to the show with plenty of time to enjoy a few drinks and snacks though.  I didn't want to pack on too many calories with alcohol so I pre-made a water bottle with whipped cream vodka and orange sparkling water (193 calories), I really enjoyed it but when Shana tried she said it was too sweet.  To each their own I guess.  One of the girl's had picked up subs for everyone from Jersey Mike's, it was the first time I'd had anything from there so I'd stayed safe with a wheat regular American Classic (ham and provolone with lettuce, tomato & onion = 560 calories).  I was very impressed with the quality ingredients and good flavor, I wish we had a location closer to home!  I probably would have kept my calories under control too if it wasn't for the damn sour cream & onion chips my sister brought!  I just couldn't stop eating them, I easily had 2 or more servings (320 calories).
We spent a little more then an hour joking around and talking about reality tv shows before it was time to head inside for the show. 
There were two opening acts that took up a little more then an hour.  I don't remember their names and the show is already gone from the website so I can't look it up.  I thought they were entertaining enough.  Chelsea was on for a little less then an hour, I had never really heard much of her stuff before but she was funny, so when I got home I set the DVR to start taping her show.  We were a little disappointed that she wasn't on longer though.  It seemed like the 2nd opening act was out there longer then she was.  Either way, it was a fun time & I got to know some of my sister's coworkers so definitely not a waste of an evening.

I didn't work out or get my steps or clean because I really wasn't home all day.  I left the house at 7:40am and didn't walk back through the door until 11:45pm.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  4 days total. 
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 245 caloriesLunch: 331 calories + Dinner: 1073 calories + Snacks: 0 calories = 2133 burned - 1649 eaten = -484 total burned, 9 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 238 total.
4. Walk at least 11,000 steps for 25 days:  6001 steps.  10 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  5 days total.
7:30am Saturday morning came much too quickly.  We hadn't gone to bed until after after midnight and I totally could have slept a few more hours but I was back on Jack duty and Nicole leaves for work around 8.  We had our normal breakfast out with Joe before he went to work.  We walked across the street because it's so convenient but I think this may be our last time there for a while.  I just really haven't enjoyed my meals there lately.  There hasn't been anything really wrong with my food but it also just doesn't seem special, like I could make it better myself at home.
While we waited for our food Joe and Jack worked on building a jelly & sugar tower.  I ordered a ham, egg white, cheese & tomato sandwich on rye toast (336 calories) which came out like an omelet on bread and wasn't very good.  It was extremely wet and dripped every time I picked it up and there was almost no flavor to it.  Like I said, we'll probably stop going over there for a little while which is such a bummer because it really is super convenient. 
But I didn't get to eat it right away because I first had to cut Jack's pancake and strawberries into bite size pieces.  Seriously, it's a lot of work!  I wonder if Nicole ever gets to eat her food while it's hot? 
After breakfast Jack & I went to meet Christina and Lia at Castle Park.  This was the first time we'd been to this park and it's really nice.  The whole jungle gym is solid wood and there's a fence all the way around so there's no chance of anyone wandering off.  I do think Jack is a little small for it but he figured out what parts worked for him after a little while.  He and Lia played really nicely together and even shared their snacks!
We spent just under two hours running around the park before it was obvious someone was ready for a nap, no not me.  Jack fell asleep in the car on the short ride home and I managed to move him inside to the stroller without waking him up!  I caught up on Bachelor Pad & Say Yes to the Dress and had a some leftover Creamy Chicken Skillet (439 calories) for lunch while he slept for an hour or so.  Then we did some laundry and started packing for Utah (can you tell I'm excited for vacation?) before we knew it Nicole was home from work!  We all hung out for a little while, I ate a peach, some watermelon & a handful mini wheats (134 calories), seriously I was like a bottomless pit, and Nicole went through some clothes I had set aside for her.  Then we went out towards the mall to run some errands.
First we met Joe for lunch at Taco Bell.  I didn't order anything but a diet coke (which was close to torture, I love Taco Bell) because I wasn't hungry after all the food I crammed in just an hour or so earlier but I did have a few of Nicole's cinnamon twists (56 calories). 

Next up we stopped at DSW.  I had worn flip flops to breakfast that morning and just the short walk across the street and back had aggravated my foot so I was pretty much in a panic that I will never be able to wear flip flops again!  I don't know about the rest of you but I live in flip flops when I'm not at work in the summer.  The thought of packing for Utah and having to figure out alternate shoe choices was causing me serious concern.  Normally I would just throw my plain black & brown flip flops in the suitcase, a pair of sneakers and maybe some wedges but now I was going to need way more shoes!  Nicole suggested we look for some fit flops hoping they might have more arch support and not bother my foot.  Although I tend to think they're crazy ugly I figured it couldn't hurt to look.  We didn't come across any but I did find these Nike Comfort flip flops and after walking around the store in them for 15 minutes my foot was still ok so I bought them.  Now I know they aren't exactly cute and I definitely can't dress them up but at least I can wear them on the days we're flying or not walking much...
Our next stop was Target so Nicole could buy diapers.  We grabbed a cart from in front of Dick's Sporting Goods so we didn't have to carry Jack.  He had about had it buy this point so we bribed him with a $2 dinosaur.  I couldn't help but stop and check the clearance racks after all I already bought shoes so what's the point in stopping shopping now!  I found a four short sleeve tops that all together ran me $28!  On a side note, I love those shorts I'm wearing, they're from Sports Authority and they are so comfortable!  They aren't totally fitted like my running shorts but also not flowy like my Old Navy loungewear, I'm planning to bring them to Utah for sightseeing days when I don't have to dress up.  We also picked up a bike seat so that we can finally take Jack on bike rides!  Of course we needed to get him a helmet too!  My vote was for the one with the cat face on it but unfortunately it was too big.
We stopped at Dick's on the walk back to see if they had a helmet that would fit, they didnt, and I found more Nike Comfort sandals!  They were on sale, buy one get one 50% off but there weren't a lot of sizes left.  The only options in my size were the same black pair from DSW and these navy slip ons so I bought both pairs and returned the other pair to DSW.  
Finally, we stopped back into BJs to visit Joe before heading home.
I had made tentative plans to meet up with Kat & Mark that night when Joe got off work so I quick jumped in the shower and got ready when I got home.  We must have had some kind of miscommunication because when I talked to Kat she mentioned they had just finished dinner and I thought we were meeting them for dinner, lol.  She also had a few friends in town and they weren't ready yet so Joe and I went over to Charlie's for something to eat while we waited for them to meet us.
I had the Peppers Julia (Roasted Eggplant, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Black Olives, Roasted Yellow & Red Peppers, Sharp Provolone Cheese & Bermuda Onions drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette and sprinkled with Oregano & Parmesan Cheese) which was outstanding and something we could easily make at home.  We also split a wing and tender combo with mild sauce, I eat the tenders and Joe eats the wings.  (1002 calories).
I somehow got confused again because I thought they were meeting us at Charlie's.  When I asked what was taking so long they said they were at Baia.  Joe and I were both pretty tired from this marathon of a day but we hadn't seen Kat & Mark in weeks so we headed over for a drink.  In hind sight we probably should have just gone home, I was tired, my foot was starting to hurt from the wedges I was wearing and the loud music started giving me a headache.  I wasn't my normal bubbly self and I feel bad because I probably didn't make the best impression on Kat's friends.
We headed home after a little while and went straight to bed.  It had been a long day & Joe had to go to work in the morning.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  4 days total. 
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 336 caloriesLunch: 439 calories + Dinner: 1002 calories + Snacks: 190 calories = 2377 burned - 1967 eaten = -410 total burned, 9 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 238 total.
4. Walk at least 11,000 steps for 25 days:  15254 steps.  11 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  6 days total. 
Sunday was a much more relaxing day.  Joe and I lounged around in bed until just before 9am and I watched How to Train Your Dragon while he got ready for work.  It was a really cute movie, any time I'm screaming at the screen it gets two thumbs up! 

I didn't really have any plans for the day.  I needed to do laundry and clean up plus I made it my goal for the week to eat all of the perishable food in the kitchen so we don't have to throw anything away when we leave next week.  I got started on this goal by eating a bagel thin with low fat cream cheese and tomato with a side of cantaloupe (196 calories) for breakfast.  Then I planted my butt on the couch and read a few blogs but I kept being drawn back to the kitchen.  There was a box of brownie mix in the pantry calling my name.  Now you may be thinking, "Lauren, brownie mix doesn't go bad" which is true, but I decided I would have to use two eggs and could throw a banana in it which would totally make it worth the effort.  So, an hour later (and half way through Shrek Forever After) I had these bad boys.  They are SO good and about 170 calories each (I had 2).
Nicole stopped by after seeing my brownie post on Facebook and we hung out for a little while.  Nothing exciting, I vacuumed and threw shoes up the stairs then ate some watermelon (137 calories) while we talked about what kind of dress she should get for her sister-in-law's wedding.  I guess Jack had enough of our girl talk because after an hour or so he led Nicole to the door and home they went.  I wasn't really sure what to do with myself at this point, I attempted to paint my toenails but they turned out horribly so I took the polish off and walked across the street to the nail salon.  It was packed in there!  I easily waiting a half hour before anyone was available to start on my pedicure.  It was worth it for these pretty toes though, especially since I shouldn't need another one for the rest of the summer now.
When I got home I planted my butt on the sofa again and watched The Social Network.  I thought it was ok, entertaining enough and interesting to know the origins of the thing that takes up so much of my free time.  Joe came home a little while later and we shopped the fridge for dinner.  He has some leftover Creamy Chicken Skillet with a cheddar wurst and I made myself a turkey & swiss sandwich with salt and vinegar popcips (418 calories).
Shortly thereafter the power went out.  Did I mention it had been raining on and off all day?  That's why I had spent so much time inside on the couch, well, and because it was nice to lay around and do nothing sometimes.  We ran next door and hung out with Nicole, Lou & Jack for a little while but headed home when it got too dark to see each other across their living room.  We lit some candles and played on our phones for a little while then luckily the power came back up about a half hour before True Blood started!  I painted my nails while we watched an episode of the Marriage Ref and then True Blood on the DVR before going to bed.
I'm already a little concerned about my goals this month.  I know it's only the 15th but I'm really not doing well on most of them and with 8 days out of town coming up soon it's not looking good.  My plan was to be able to cheat on everything my entire vacation but that might not work as I've already used most of my spend days and I'm almost more then 1/2 way through my calorie cheat days...crap, I guess I'll have to pay attention a little more while I'm away.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  4 days total. 
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 196 caloriesLunch: 0 calories + Dinner: 418 calories + Snacks: 577 calories = 1705 burned - 1191 eaten = -514 total burned, 9 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 238 total.
4. Walk at least 11,000 steps for 25 days:  3507 steps.  11 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  7 days total.  

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