Utah or bust!

If my alarm ever goes off at 3:15am again it will be too soon.  But wahoo vacation time!  I was all packed so all I needed to do was brush my teeth, get dressed and walk out the door.  My mom even showed up 15 minutes early to pick us up for the airport and we were ready.  I grabbed a banana and some strawberries I had sliced up the night before (143 calories) to enjoy on the ride up to Philly.  I'm not really sure what meal to call it though, lol.   We picked up my mom's friend Lynda and off we went.  It didn't take long to get to the airport as there isn't much traffic at 4am.  I traded text messages with my sister, they were about 5 minutes behind us.  We found parking for both cars close to the shuttle stop and then the pictures started.  Yay for mom's 60th birthday trip!
It didn't take long to get through security although my mom & Lynda must have looked like serious threats to national security because they were both patted down by security.
My foot was still hurting even in my fancy comfort sandals but I tried to smile through it because Joe gets worried about me pretty easily.  We made it down to our gate then went to grab some real breakfast since it was a more reasonable time to eat by this point.  I had an egg white veggie flat bread from Dunkin Donuts (280 calories).
Our flight was delayed about a 1/2 hour so we entertained ourselves with our various electronic devices.
Soon we were boarding and somehow we ended up assigned to seats in rows next to each other.  Crazy since we didn't buy our tickets together!
I finally managed to finish my book, Sing You Home, which had a happy ending.  I'm always worried when I read Jodi Piccoult because sometimes she ends in a totally different way then what you've been expecting.  I decided to start reading The Help next but didn't get too far into it before the movie started.  I was pretty bummed I forgot to pack headphones and Shana claimed my mom's extra pair so Joe and I shared his set to watch the in flight movie, Water for Elephants.  I enjoyed it but now I can't decide if I should read it...  I was getting antsy after the movie and didn't feel like reading so I decided to play Angry Birds on my tab.  I'm really bad at that game so it was an easy way to kill an hour except that Joe gets frustrated watching me keep failing the boards and offers to do them for me!
Before we knew it we were landing is Salt Lake City!
Our friends had left a car in the economy lot of us.  We were impressed it could actually hold all 7 of us and our baggage!  Well mostly hold it all.  Shana was a little cramped in the 3rd row seat.
It only took about 45 minutes to get to the house.  And it's an awesome house!
We made our way inside and oohhed and aawwed at the place.  Carol & Chris had made recommendations as to which bedroom would probably work best for each person so we already knew where we were staying.  The picture below is our room.  Note the step stools next to the bed because it's too high to climb into from the ground!
The view from the back deck.
The whole place is wood.  I mean pretty much everything.
We dropped out stuff in our rooms and met in the kitchen to figure out the rest of our day.
We were all hungry so we made our way towards the grocery store and stopped at Molly Bloom's Pub for burgers.  I ordered a turkey burger and it was not what I expected.  It was more like pulled turkey then a ground patty.  But it was delicious and I was happy with the substitution (600 calories).  
Our next stop was the grocery store which has an entire aisle dedicated to beer.
We split the list up between the 7 of us and had all the basics rounded up in no time. 
We got the fixins for breakfast & lunch but held off on dinner as we figured we might be too tired to cook that night.
We returned to the house to unpack the groceries and make ourselves more at home.  Shana borrowed one of the steps stools from our room because she couldn't quite climb into her bed from the floor either.
I took pictures of all the "wood"land critters around the place.  The decorating is definitely ski lodge-esque.

We realized there were a few other things we needed so we took a drive around Park City to get the lay of the land then stopped at Walmart.  We picked up these water bottle holsters that would be perfect for hiking.
Then stopped and picked up some pizza from Papa John's for dinner.
I tried a slice of each, the 6 cheese, garden fresh and BBQ chicken w/bacon (820 calories).
After dinner it was time for the hot tub and a couple glasses of wine (247 calories)!  
At one point Shana was sure she heard something in the yard, probably a moose.  So I took a picture with the flash in hopes of catching it, no luck, or nothing there...
After the hot tub we hung out in the living room for a while, Shana headed up to bed while Joe & Bill had a few more drinks in the kitchen.  I blogged and I tried to stay up as late as possible in hopes of beating the time change then finally headed to bed at midnight after being awake for more the 21 hours straight.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  10 days total. 
2. Breakfast: 423 calories + Lunch: 600 calories + Dinner: 820 calories + Snacks: 247 calories = 2202 burned - 2090 eaten = -112 total burned, 11 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 371 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  11958 steps.  18 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  9 days total.

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