on the road again

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited to be going home on Monday.  I mentioned before that I'm the weirdo that's always ready for vacation to be over and to go back home.  I must have said "guess what? we're going home today!" to Joe 48 times that day.  Because we were almost done with our stay in Utah the kitchen was severely lacking breakfast options.  We decided to go out to Squatter's since Carol & Chris had mentioned they had great breakfast.  They were right on the money too, everything was delicious.  My mom & Shana both ordered the bread pudding french toast which was out of control good.  My wrap (574 calories) was tasty and Joe's sausage gravy over biscuits was heavenly.
While we were waiting for the bill I checked my phone to see if there were any caches near by (I told you it's addicting).  We were in luck, there was one just across the parking lot.  Once the check was paid I headed straight out to make the grab.  It was an easy find under a giant boulder and some smaller rocks. 
The best part was that it was hidden in an information area about the 2002 Winter Olympic games and they had podiums set up.  We all took turns posing as Olympic medal winners.
There was another cache hidden just down the road from our rental house so I asked Joe to drop my mom & me off on the way back up.  We thought it was hidden on an electrical box but the coordinates led us a little further up to this tree next to the fire hydrant.
It was a quick find and then we were on our way back to the house.  It was a little further then we anticipated with the winding road so we climbed the embankment instead and walked through the backyard.  We spent the rest of the early afternoon packing up our stuff and snacking on anything left in the fridge.  Before we knew it it was time to head to the airport.  We had about an hour to spare before our flight started boarding so Shana, Bill, Joe & I wandered around the shops and other terminals.  We were super excited to come across a TCBY!  We haven't had one in our area in years!
I ordered a vanilla waffle cone with heath bar (498 calories).  I figured it was the last day of vacation, why not go out with a bang!
Pretty soon it was time to board the plane.  We all made sure we had our carry on bags and said good bye to my uncle, he still had another 3 hours until his flight to Oakland. 
The flight home wasn't too bad.  I made sure to get some cheap headphones at Walmart for the flight back but they were definitely cheap and I could barely hear even with the volume turned all the way up.  It was ok though, just served as background noise while I read The Help (I'm a little worried I'm not going to get any time to finish it now that I'm back home again).  I snacked on peanut butter M&Ms and Twizzlers for dinner since we were in the air from 6-11pm and there wasn't a meal included. 

When the plane landed I checked my fitbit and noticed I still needed about 1000 steps and I only had 40 minutes to get them before midnight.  As soon as we were off the plane and in the airport I started moving and didn't stop until we got to the baggage carousel.  Thankfully the Philadelphia airport is pretty big and I manged to get them with 8 minutes to spare.  We were able to grab or bags and find the car really quickly so we were a little ahead of schedule.  I was hoping to be home by 2am so I could get a little sleep and unpack before going to work the next day (my boss has graciously allowed me to come in late).  We managed to get home by 1:30 and I was out like a light by 2.
1. 15 Spend Free Days: 10 days total.
2. Breakfast: 574 calories + Lunch: 0 calories + Dinner: 0 calories + Snacks: 1088 calories = 2114 burned - 1662 eaten = 452 total calories burned, 14 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 597 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  11055 steps.  24 days total.
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of housework: 9 days total. 

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