Outfits of the Week ~ August 8-12

I'm having a little bit of a weird Friday.  Tonight I'm going to see Chelsea Handler with my sister & some of her coworkers, which should be really fun.  But it's thrown me off a little because the show is in Holmdel at the PNC Bank Arts Center which is about an hour & a half from where I live.  To make sure we get there with enough time to eat and tailgate I'm leaving work an hour early so I had to go in an hour early so I had to get up an hour early plus pack clothes & all for the concert so I was just running around a little crazy this morning.  I'm hoping the day passes quickly so I can get this party started, lol.

Oh, and did I mention I gained a pound this week?  I'm not thrilled about it but I'm not super concerned either.  I mean really, I didn't work out all week because of my foot.  Here's hoping that getting back in my sneakers will even things out.

After tonight, the rest of my weekend is pretty open.  I'm planning on getting a few runs in to prep for the 5 miles next weekend.  My foot is almost back to 100% so I just have to try to stay in one piece for 9 more days.  The weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday and I have Jack in the morning.  I think we're meeting Christina & Lia for a play date so that should take up most of the late morning/early afternoon.  We have tentative plans to hang out with Kat & Mark that evening, it's been weeks since we've seen them and I'm going through withdrawal!  There's rain forecasted for Sunday but I no longer believe anything I hear from the weather people so I'll just have to play it by ear.

Let's get down to the business at hand though...

Monday ~ nothing terribly exciting to start the week.  Polka dot sweater & black ankle pants from The Limited, fuchsia cami from New York & Co and black patent leather peep toes from Macy's.
Tuesday ~ these are the damn flats made my foot so much worse!  They're from Piperlime I think.  The printed top is from The Limited and it hadn't occurred to me that my bra straps would stick out so I used a tiny carabiner to hold them together in the back, it was not comfortable but at least I don't look trashy, lol, and the black dress pants are from New York & Co.
Wednesday ~ After the torture of the flats on Tuesday I switched back to heels, nude patent leather peep toes from Macy's.  The rest of the outfit, blue striped blouse, navy capri pants and red belt are all from The Limited.  Tammy made me get the belt to wear with this top when we were shopping last month, I love it and never would have thought to do it on my own!
Thursday ~ I don't have a picture for Thursday...I was running super late for some reason and my camera was acting up so the few pictures we did take came out super blurry.  I managed to pull all the individual pieces from old pictures though.  I wore that teal shirt and those grey pants from The Limited (but not the necklace or cami) with my favorite black patent leather peep toes from Macy's.
Friday ~ I figured I would show you just how bad my camera has gotten (and the reason I'm replacing it).  These are 3 of close to 10 pictures I took of myself this morning.  Even though I had all the settings correct for some reason it adjusts itself so that I'm blurry and out of focus.  Perhaps it's trying to tell me it's a bad outfit??  Sorry it's hard to make out the details but this is what I wore to work, I'm sure there will be pictures from the show in a subsequent post.  The navy top has a ruffled collar and is from Ann Taylor Loft, the khaki pants are from The Limited and the camel wedges are Jessica Simpson from Piperlime.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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