Outfits of the Week ~ August 15-19

I'm super sorry but I don't even remember much of why I wore most of this stuff last week.  See, right now it's 10:47pm mountain standard time and I've been up since 3:15am eastern standard time so that's like 20.5 hours I've been awake now, lol.  I should really go to bed but I'm trying to switch to the new time zone as quickly as possible so I really want to stay awake a little longer so I will "sleep in" tomorrow.  Which means you get to "listen" to me ramble on about last week even though it's practically Tuesday.  

On the weigh in front: I didn't gain any weight but I didn't lose any either, holding strong at 135 again this week.  But considering I only worked out one day the whole week I shouldn't be surprised.  I'm hoping to be active on vacation and all my other traveling buddies seem pretty set on healthy eating so maybe I can lose while I'm away?  So anyway, back to the task at hand...clothes!

Monday - teal sweater from the Express, grey pants from The Limited & black peep toe heels from Macy's.
Tuesday - purple sweater from the Express, necklace from Premier, black pants from New York & Co and nude peep toe heels from Macy's.
Wednesday - pink tiered t-shirt from The Limited, black skinny pants from the Gap and black peep toe heels from Macy's.
Thursday - necklace and white cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft, tan cami from New York & Co, navy pants from The Limited and nude patent heels from Macy's.
Friday - necklace from Van Huesen outlet, blue sweater from Old Navy, grey pants from New York & Co and pink flat from Piperlime. 

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  1. I don't shop at The Limited, but I think I am really going to have to get over there! I love all the clothes you buy from that store.

    You look fantastic!