oh my aching foot

I have never considered myself an accident prone person.  I've (knock on wood) never broken a bone or required an overnight hospital stay and my only surgery was my wisdom teeth extraction.  But for some reason this summer I can't seem to stay at 100%.  First there was the laceration of my fingers on Memorial Day weekend then the heat rash from hell and now my left foot is jacked up! 

I woke up Tuesday morning and my foot wasn't feeling any better from the night before.  I attempted to wear a heeled shoe because that had helped on Monday but I couldn't even make it 10 minutes before running back upstairs to grab flats.  Now I'm thinking the flats were probably the worst choice I could have made, I was limping around work all day and found that walking on my tip toes was the only thing that made it more bearable.  I'm totally in the dark as to what I've done, it's not swollen and there aren't any bruises either.  I'm just taking a lot of aleve and keeping my fingers crossed that it heals up fast so that I don't have problems with my five mile run in 11 days.

I was super excited to try a new banana bread smoothie (419 calories) for breakfast!  It was SO good and kept me full until close to 2pm!  In fact the only reason I went to lunch at all was because someone else cooked something in our downstairs microwave and the smell that drifted into my office was too much to overcome so I had to head up and eat my peanut butter & jelly sandwich, babybel mini and apple (395 calories). 

I've been adding a lot of new healthy lifestyle blogs to my reader because I've gotten a little bored with reading wedding blogs and not actually planning a wedding.  I still read the posts with titles I find interesting because I love sending ideas to Kat & Brittany but until I start planning my own wedding it's become a little monotonous.  Anyway, on one of these blogs I stumbled across this fashion post.  I am a sucker for a good review, if someone tells me something is awesome and inexpensive there's a 98% chance I'm going to buy it, it's a fault I'm fully aware of.  So when the blogger reported that these were "the most comfortable heel she owns" and that they are on clearance at Target I couldn't pass.  I went online but there weren't a lot of sizes available so I decided to I HAD to drive out to my local store after work; mind you I could barely make the walk to the car but we're talking about shoes here!  I was pleasantly surprised to see they had both black & brown in my size on the shelf and that girl isn't kidding, they are so comfortable!  They actually made walking bearable and it was all I could do not to wear them to the checkout line and then home.  The best part, can you see the price?  They were $12.48!  I'm planning to wear them to see Chelsea Handler on Friday night, not sure what will go on the rest of my body but these shoes will be on my feet.
I also picked up these little slouchy booties, they were only $9.98!  That's right, 2 pairs of shoes for under $25!  I thought about getting the slouchy pair in black, but I think I'll get more use out of the brown.  I also enjoy that my cat is totally photo bombing this shot.
I was planning to try to make this Chicken Noodle Skillet for dinner with some broccoli but all of our chicken was frozen & pre-marinated so I needed to pick some more up at the grocery store.  And because I'm a glutton for punishment I decided I could totally walk to ShopRite as long as I put a pair of heels on.  I changed out of my work clothes and into capri pants a t-shirt & 3" wedges (because obviously my normal after work uniform of Old Navy loungewear wouldn't work with heels) and off I went.  It really wasn't that bad, I mean it definitely wasn't pleasant but I don't think I did any more damage. 

As I was walking into ShopRite I got a call from my dad that his bike had fallen apart while he was riding it and he needed a rescue.  I let him know what I was up to and that I would be there in about 45 minutes.  Eventually I found in walking his bike down the side of the road about 3 miles from his house.  I hadn't thought to empty out my beach chairs and all so we couldn't get the bike all the way in the car.  He ended up having to sit on the tailgate clutching the bike and a seat belt while I drove 25 mph with my flashers on!
As a thank you for the rescue he offered to take me out for dinner.  Joe was getting off of work at about the same time so we all met over at Applebee's.  I was really trying to keep my calories low because I wasn't going to exercise at all so I had the small caesar salad to start (90 calories).
For my entree I ordered the Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos (450 calories).  It's definitely my favorite thing on the menu, the portion size is just right and all the flavors mesh so well together.
By the time we got home it was close to 10pm and we just collapsed on the couch.  Joe is pretty worried about my foot and tried to examine it but came to the same conclusion I did, don't know what's wrong with it...  We watched this week's episodes of Weeds and The Big C and then I headed up to bed and fell asleep about 10 minutes into Twilight while Joe stayed downstairs in hopes on staying awake for a little of the Phillies game.
1. 15 Spend Free Days:  4 days total. 

2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 419 caloriesLunch: 395 calories + Dinner: 540 calories + Snacks: 0 calories = 2141 burned - 1354 eaten = -787 total burned, 7 days total.

3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 238 total.

4. Walk at least 11,000 steps for 25 days:  7361 steps.  8 days total. 

5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  4 days total.


  1. Ugh! Sorry your foot still hurts! Where does it hurt? Heel? Arche? Hm...

    Glad you got some theraputic shopping in though :)

  2. It actually feels a little better today! Probably because I'm back to heels... It hurts on the outside edge right before my ankle but only when I walk on it. It feels fine to touch or if I stand still.

  3. Wow odd place to be sore. I hope it goes away soon! If not, I would get it checked out. My sister had a soreness in her foot and it turned out she had chipped her ankle bone. Maybe after vacation if it still hurts but lets hope not! ;)