Outfits of the Week ~ August 1-5

Happy Friday!  I'm pretty excited about this weekend!  Tonight I'm planning to run & take group power at the gym and then we're heading over to Mangia by the Greene to see our favorite Library III bartender in his new digs.   He's still working at the Library but that owner bought Mangia so now we can visit him a little closer to home!  I don't have any plans for Saturday, Nicole has a craft show so she doesn't need me to watch Jack; I hoping for some kind of run with Joe before or after his shift at work but that's about it.  Then Sunday is our annual tubing trip!  About 20 of us head down the river with coolers of beer then grab dinner somewhere fun; last year was the chinese buffet.  They're calling for thunderstorms on Saturday night into Sunday but I'm hoping they'll clear before 1pm.

I was nervous getting on the scale this morning!  Between the prednisone and the lack of workouts I was prepared to go up a little.  Thankfully I didn't!  Holding strong at 134! 

Monday ~ This was day one of the super itch so I was more concerned about keeping fabric from touching my skin then anything else.  Patterned top & grey pants from The Limited & black peep toe sling backs from Naturalizer.
Tuesday ~ aka the itchiest day on record.  I literally pulled anything out of my closet that was 100% cotton and then made it work together.  Blue sweater (that has seen it's day & should be tossed after seeing it in this picture) from Old Navy, blue/grey tank from Ann Taylor Loft, brown pants from New York & Co and taupe ballet flats with silver buckle from Naturalizer.
Wednesday ~ finally feeling a little better!  New patterned top (that I realized has a hole in it when I got to work) & brown pants from The Limited, nude patent leather peep toes from Macy's.
Thursday ~ black & brown dress from The Limited and black patent leather peep toes from Macy's.  I bought this dress on my shopping trip with Tammy last weekend because it's a 4!  I picked it up because I thought it was a cute dress that could be used a few different ways but mostly because it's a 4!  Well I guess I chose well because my boss came into my office on 2 separate occasions to tell me how much she loved this dress.  She said it's the best thing she's seen me in over all these months of weight loss and I should move it to the front of the closet and wear it anytime I want to impress anyone, WOW!
Friday ~ Yay for dress down!  Orange v-neck from The Limited, necklace from Premier, light grey pants from New York & Co, flat back sandals from Naturalizer.

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