Give me back my steps!

I really feel like this week is going to be awesome!  It's the week before our vacation so really how can it be bad?  First, my boss normally tapers back our work before we go away so that we don't have a lot of open projects looming while we're not in the office so hopefully it will be an easy week work flow wise!  Second, we have Lou's 40th birthday party on Tuesday night, Phillies tickets with my dad on Wednesday night and I think I'm going to a wine tasting with a few of my ladies on Thursday!  It will definitely make scheduling work outs more difficult but should be a super fun week!

So, I had a mild panic attack while I was getting ready for work on Monday morning.  I was a little itchy and when I ran my hands over the itchy spot it was bumpy!  I seriously almost hyperventilated, I am not going on vacation with a damn rash!  I put some steroid cream on it and took an allergy pill then I called the dermatologist.  Unfortunately their next available appointment is SEPTEMBER 8th at 2pm so that's not gonna help.  I took a few deep breaths and decided I will just go back to urgent care if it doesn't get better.  Luckily by the time I got to work it seemed to have gone away.  I'm making sure to take allergy medication and showering as soon as I finish working out in hopes of keeping it away.

Once I had calmed down I got back to the task at hand, cleaning out the fridge.  At breakfast I made smoothies for Joe & myself.  I tossed in bananas, strawberries, frozen peaches, milk and some Trop 50 pineapple mango juice (239 calories).  I thought it was delightful but Joe always complains that it's too citrus-y, I think he's crazy.  Once at work, I got hungry a little earlier then usual but luckily I have a bag of Quaker Cheddar Rice Snacks for such an occasion (70 calories).  Then for lunch I had a brownie, some watermelon and a pomegranate greek yogurt (401 calories).  Those brownies are seriously delicious!

I got some great news after lunch, Joe got a second interview!  And since that gchat conversation is from yesterday I can tell you all that he already had the meeting this morning and feels like it went well!  He said that even if he doesn't get the position he felt like he learned a lot of valuable information to use towards getting future promotions.  Wahoo!  I'm so proud!
After work I went over to the gym for a 2 mile run and group power.  My foot didn't give me any trouble!  I even ran the first mile at a 6.2 and the majority of the second mile at a 6.5, sometimes I just get so bored at the end that turning it up doesn't seem as tortuous.
Thankfully the front row of treadmills have tvs built in because it gets really boring looking at this the entire time.
I hadn't taken anything out of dinner but we had plenty of vegetables so I knew we could throw something together.  I asked Joe to pick up a loaf of crusty bread and some mozzarella cheese on the way home from work so we could make paninnis!  I sliced up an eggplant and grilled it on the press first.
Then we laid the sandwiches out, rosemary olive bread, grilled eggplant, tomato, arugala and cheese.
They were SO good!  We really need to use that press more often, it's such an easy way to cook delicious sandwiches.  I also had some salt & vinegar popchips to round out my meal (564 calories).  We had a few leftover pieces of bread and a lot of eggplant so I made some sandwiches up for Nicole & Lou and delivered them with a couple of brownies as snack.
I needed somewhere around 3500 steps to get to my goal so Joe and I headed out for a walk.  Our only stop was at Starbucks for a treat (80 calories).  Are you loving my showered but not styled hair?  Pretty right?
On the way home we checked out the new sidewalk across the street that leads to nowhere.  I guess eventually it will cut through the trees and over to CVS but right now it just dead ends about 5 feet into the brush.
When we got home I still needed about 700 steps to get to 11,000.  We watched an episode of Smallville (I'm aware it's been off the air for months now but we just weren't that motivated to watch it) on the DVR then went upstairs where Joe hopped in bed and I folded a few loads of laundry for the steps. 
Now I need to gripe about my fitbit for a moment.  I know, crazy because I love my fitbit.  When I finished the laundry by fitbit read 11,058 steps, so I went to bed.  You can even see in this screen shot from my Facebook that it uploaded this morning.
Then I added my exercise so that I had an accurate account of my calories burned.  When I added my run it dropped my steps down to 10,498!  What the heck does that mean?  How did I magically lose 500+ steps?  And what do I do with my goal now?  Do I count the day because at one point I had them even if my new total doesn't?  Advice?!?!
I have actually been thinking about dropping my goal back down to 10,000 anyway; those last 1000 are really a pain in the butt.  And the research says 10,000 is a healthy lifestyle, even the default fitbit goal is 70,000 a week.  Maybe that's what I'll do...I mean really these goals are for me anyway so why am I so freaked out?

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  5 days total. 
2. At least 20 days with a 750+ calorie burn:  Breakfast: 239 caloriesLunch: 401 calories + Dinner: 654 calories + Snacks: 150 calories = 2501 burned - 1354 eaten = -1147 total burned, 10 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 318 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  10498 (or 11058) steps.  12 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  8 days total.

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