Extreme Vacationing

I was awakened on Tuesday morning at 6:24am mountain time by a text message from my father letting me know that Punky Brewster was on the Today show that morning.  I was thrilled since I had only gone to sleep 6 hours earlier.  I tried to get back to sleep for a half hour or so before giving up and getting out of bed.  I was surprised to see I wasn't the only one awake.  Lynda already had the coffee pot going and was starting to pull food out for breakfast.  We were planning on going for a hike after breakfast so everyone just grabbed whatever was quick.  I had two slices of cinnamon toast with banana and a peach (291 calories).
Once everyone was fed it was time to hike!  Shana and I suited up in our new water bottle carriers and best hiking duds.  I made sure to wear a bright yellow shirt because I figured it would be easier to find me if I fell off the trail or something.
All seven of us headed out towards the trail we had seen the day before off a road in the development. 
We passed by a lot of really beautiful what I thought were birch trees.  I have now been educated that they are actually mature aspen.  Either way, they're really pretty.  I already have a background like this on my phone and I'm excited to have a new picture to use that I actually took myself.
We headed up the trail and almost immediately a few people started to really feel the altitude.  Joe had a hard time catching his breathe and my mom had to fall back because she just couldn't get her breathing under control.  Bill, Shana & I trudged ahead of the pack, we saw a few people running past with their pets and more the a few mountain bikers.  I couldn't get over it, I was sweating just walking, I can't imagine running in those conditions and the biking just seemed impossible.  They were peddling without really going anywhere.  I don't think I'd be able to do it, not just because of the altitude but also because those trails are narrow and rocky, I wouldn't trust myself not to fall down the mountain.
We ended up doing 5 miles total and it took a little over 2 hours to complete.  I was excited to check out the map from my garmin when we got back to the house because we had mostly just been zig zagging the mountain.  I was also really interested in the change of elevation.  We started at over 7000 feet and then climbed an additional 1086 feet!  It's such a change from my normal runs on flat land! 
By the time we finished the hike it was almost lunch time and we were all starving.  Half of us jumped in the shower and the other half took got lunch ready.  I had a ham & turkey sandwich with some cole slaw, chips and hummus (422 calories). 
After lunch we headed out to Park City Mountain for some more outdoor fun.  They had a triple play package, for $41 you got one ride on the ZipRider, Alpine Slide & Alpine Coaster.  We started with the ZipRider.  We had to take the ski lift up the mountain to get to the starting point.
I had never tried a zip line before and was excited to give it a shot.  Joe went first so he could get some pictures of everyone coming down.  I was secured into the harness first and while they were finishing up my uncle I took a picture of the view.  I was freaking out!  (I've already got more then 20 pictures in this post so I won't kill you with pictures of my whole crew doing all the activities, just me. ) 
It wasn't that bad once you were in the air.  The initial drop was scary but after that I just enjoyed the ride and cool breeze, it's hot in Utah! 
After all that excitement we needed a bathroom break.  While the ladies were in the bathroom Joe decided to get a snow cone and it looked so good that the rest of us followed suit.  I had peach (82 calories).
We took our snow cones back up the ski lift to the Alpine Slide.  We grabbed our sleds and dragged them around to the course.
Now I am not a fan of going fast and being out of control.  I don't like skiing for that very reason.  Needless to say I chose the slow line on the slide and was the last down even though I started before most everyone else!  Every time I would start to pick up speed I would pull the brake back and slow WAY down.  At least it makes for a cute picture...
Last but definitely not least was the Alpine Coaster.  It's similar to the slide but you're actually attached to the rails so there's no chance of flying off.  They suggested we pair up because you go faster when there's more weight in the cart.  I made Joe promise that I wouldn't die and then we hopped in.  I took advantage of sitting in the front & having no responsibilities and took a bunch of pictures.
First up, us on the ride up.  It's just like a roller coaster how the pulley drags you to the top then drops you down.
I even managed to get a shot of us screaming on the way down.  At one point Joe was like "holy shit, I almost just fell out!"  It was totally crazy!  And definitely the best part of the park. 
Our final stop of the day was the Olympic Park.  We made sure to take a shot out front with our local paper so that maybe we'll be featured when we get back.
By this point we were all exhausted and ready to go home and eat.  Joe & Bill fired up the grill and made us burgers, bratwurst, corn on the cobb and french fries (871 calories).
For dessert I had some bananas & strawberries with cool whip.
We had big plans to go in the hot tub again but Joe went to lay down around 8pm and never came back out.  I went in to check on him around 9pm and after watching a 1/2 hour of Law & Order: SVU I was out too.

1. 15 Spend Free Days:  10 days total. 
2. Breakfast: 291 calories + Lunch: 422 calories + Dinner: 871 calories + Snacks: 298 calories = 2945 (yes you read that right) burned - 1882 eaten = -1063 total burned, 12 days total.
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes: 491 total.
4. Walk at least 10,000 steps for 25 days:  23433 (yep you read that right too) steps.  19 days total. 
5. At least 20 days with 30 minutes of house work:  9 days total.


  1. What a day!!! That looks like so much fun!!! And amazing with the 23,000 steps! You'll blow out your weekly numbers with days like that!

  2. What fun!! I LOVE that picture of you and Joe on the roller coaster!