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My head is spinning.  I feel like I have so much to talk about and I can't form it all into cohesive thoughts.  I've been running around like crazy all morning, I must have changed my clothes 4 times and I'm still not happy with what I'm wearing.  I also forgot a bunch of stuff I need for tonight so I'm going to have to run home at some point during the day.  I'm going to try to take a few deep breaths and get myself on track.

Just a head's up, this post is extremely photo heavy...  I'm trying to remember if anything exciting happened yesterday morning, but I can't really think of anything.  I started off with a breakfast sandwich = 299 calories.
The Jessica Simpson boots I ordered from Piperlime had come in the night before, I tried them on but couldn't decide how I felt about them.  They fold over at the top & are a little slouchy, I sort of felt like a pirate...I showed them to Angela before our run and she said she could see where I was coming from but didn't think anyone else would jump to that conclusion.  So I decided to wear them with a fuchsia & navy striped sweater dress.  When I got to work a few of the ladies complimented my outfit & I said "yeah, you don't think they make me look like a pirate?"  Everyone assured me that wasn't the case and that the boots are cute.  I realize I asked for it, but my question kicked off a day full of emails with pirate jokes (my favorite: Where do pirates sell their old ships?  At the YARRRRRRRRRD SALE!!!) and ahoy mateys.  Here are the offending boots.
I was working on a couple of quick turnaround projects that took up most of my morning.  Thankfully, the day was progressing a little quicker then Tuesday had (probably because of all the joking around).  Lunch = 340 calories.
The afternoon didn't go by quite as quickly as the morning had.  I still had plenty of work to do but time was dragging.  At one point I popped a piece of chocolate = 69 calories.
My stomach started growling around 3 so I also had a clementine = 35 calories.
Finally 5pm arrived and it was time to go home!  Rob & Angela were coming over to play some games on the wii (in hopes of sneaking in a light workout) and we were planning on ordering chinese food for dinner.  I may have mentioned it before but we order from a place in Somers Point called The Shanghai House, the food is really fresh and doesn't give you that greasy feeling when you're done eating.  I had chicken with broccoli, white rice, cheese wontons & an egg roll = 681 delicious calories.
We played a little Price is Right while we were waiting for the food to be delivered.  I won the first game, Angela the 2nd & Rob the 3rd.  I know I've talked about it before but Joe is awesome at video games so it's always a shock to me when he doesn't win. 
Anyway, after we gave our food some time to digest we decided to play a game that would get us up off our butts; Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. 
We hadn't played this game in a long time & must have forgotten how difficult it is; you're supposed to use a controller & a nunchuk but we only have 2 nunchuks so used the alternate directions for only using a controller.  The directions are pretty specific and there's a lot that goes into completing the moves correctly, it was pretty entertaining to watch.  See how fast you have to move your hands to get running.
Hmmm...there's an xmas decoration hanging behind Rob, need to remember to take that down.

About half way through the night we realized we could use our Mii characters to compete.

I am was pretty terrible at most of the events (skeet shooting especially) but I'm used to being in last place when playing video games so it doesn't bother me.  We were all pretty shocked when we got to the gymnastics portion and I kicked ass at trampoline.  I'd like you all to take a look at those results.  Although in Joe's defense he was player 1 and always had to figure out the controller so sometimes his scores suffered.
Apparently Miis just aren't as fast as the other game created characters, no matter what we tried our little guys could never win a race.  I thought this shot of Joe's guy pounding in fists on the ground in defeat was just too cute not to post.
When we got tired of olympic games we decided to switch to baseball on Wii Sports.  I am extremely terrible at baseball so I decided to sit out (and have a couple cookies = 65 calories).
Angela played the first few rounds but eventually gave up too.  Joe & Rob must have done 10 home run derby rounds before deciding to play a game.  They were both sweating and complaining that their arms were starting to hurt.  Good things Angela & I planned this to get OUR workout in, lol.  It was a pretty late night, but a fun one! 

How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2111 burned -1489 eaten = 622 total burned, 14 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 30 minutes today (I burned 247 calories playing wii), 557 total for month
4. run 20 miles: 0 today, 21.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - I bought another pair of boots (see below), I want a pair that is tight to my legs (like I thought the pirate pair would be) instead of slouchy, 6 days total

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