money money money monnnnney, money

That title is supposed to be sung :-)  As you all know I have a goal this month to have 15 spend free days, which means I am shooting for 15 days out of 29 that I don't purchase ANYTHING.  The problem with this is that if I need to buy something like say gas or lunch I decide that I should buy everything I want that day so that I'm not tempted the next day.  And because I'm all about full disclosure here at Dimples Does It, here is a break down of everything I bought yesterday...  It all started because I wanted to wear a brown sweater dress & leggings to work but didn't like the way my high brown boots looked with it, they're a camel color and the rest of the outfit was more chocolate...so I decided to buy myself some new chocolate brown knee high boots.  Not a big cost because it's technically the end of the season (don't get me started on the fact that there are bathing suits and shorts in stores already) so most boots are on sale or clearance.  I got these Jessica Simpson Cobras from Piperlime...
And since I was already on the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/Athlea/Piperlime website I decided to cruise around and shop a little more.  I picked up the gloves below for running on the Athleta page, they're sweat wicking!  My hands are always sweaty when I run outside but when I take my mittens off they're freezing, hopefully these will help regulate the temperature.  I also got the pair of brown ballet flats from The Gap page, I already have them in black & they're very comfortable.  Plus 2 pairs of yoga capri pants from the Old Navy page (the size large pairs I have are starting to fall down when I work out).

I had an email in my inbox from Victoria's Secret about some sale so I figured I'd look around there, I picked up 2 short sleeve sweater dresses and a new bra (mine are starting to get too big, I'm not thrilled). 
While laying in bed watching Law & Order: SVU I was reading the Fashion Under $100 blog and saw the grey sweater.  I clicked over to Forever 21's website get a better look and figured for $19 why not, I also decided to get these other 2 sweaters.

I'm sure you can see my problem.  I started just wanting a new pair of boots and then since I had "broken the seal" I just kept shopping.  Don't get me wrong, pretty much everything I bought was on sale & I had coupon codes & I got free shipping from all 3 websites, but still the whole point of this goal was to cut my spending not jam it all into 1 day...

Now that I've confessed my sins, let's talk about food...Joe got up early to cook us pancakes for breakfast.  I had three with lite syrup and a glass of Trop 50 = 370 calories.
I'm pretty sure that mine were his trial run with the star wars pancake molds I got him for xmas.  His 2nd & 3rd batch were actually recognizable.
We also learned that Beans is a fan of pancake syrup.  This cat will not eat canned wet cat food and shows little interest in cat treats, she doesn't even come running for scraps of leftover meat.  But coffee and pancake syrup, she's a fan.
We had a wellness presentation during lunch = 300 calories.  A woman came over and talked about portion size and making healthy choices.  Nothing she said was really groundbreaking; when you've been trying to lose weight as long as I have you've pretty much heard it all.  She did say it's recommended that people get 90 minutes of exercise a day, which totally threw me for a loop, there's no way I can spend that much time in a gym!  I texted my friend Kat who is the health education manager & it turns out it's not actually 90 minutes of exercise they are recommending, it's 90 minutes of activity/total movement like walking to your car.  Whew!
After work it was time to head to the gym & the dreaded treadmill.  I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was much less painful then before.  It definitely helped that Amanda was there, we chatted through most of mile 1.  I also made sure to use a treadmill with a tv on the screen, I mostly watched weather coverage of the impending storm but it did make the time pass quicker.  Next time we'll have to set up the machine better though, it automatically shut down at 21 minutes so we had to start it up again to finish the 3 miles.  My one big whine is about the heat, it's so crazy hot in the gym that I was soaking wet by the time we finished, I'm going to rate it in the top 10 sweatiest workouts I've had!  I even took a picture of myself to show you just how red my face is, and this is at home probably close to a half hour after I stopped running!
Nicole had invited us over for dinner; she was making a turkey and thought it was be too much for just the three of them.  I have a couple of pictures of her carving the bird but she threatened to kill me if I post them and since I believe her they will remain offline (although I'm not deleting them)...  We had turkey, mashed potato, broccoli, cranberry sauce & gravy = 517 calories.
I hung out for about 2 hours, chasing Jack around & watching the boys drink before deciding to call it a night around 9:30.  When logging my dinner calories I noticed I was still under the 1200 mark so I made sure to grab an ice cream bar before going upstairs = 100 calories.
How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2334 burned - 1287 eaten = 1047 total burned, 8 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 42 minutes today, 327 total for month
4. run 20 miles: 3 today, 11.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - hahahahahaha - see above, 4 days total

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