I hate the treadmill!

I'm having a hard time with how to start this post...I don't really have a topic to discuss before I start on Sunday's recap...oh well...  I woke up really easily, my hair wasn't even giving me any grief, always a good start.  I even had time to hop on facebook and sync my fitbit!  I wasn't hungry at all I didn't force myself to eat anything.  We were really slow at the restaurant; I think I had 8 tables from 7-11, I only made about $30.  Luckily, Mike messed up an order again so I got a late breakfast = 374 calories (I had a whole piece of cheese on this one).
I got home nice and early, before noon!  I was dreading having to do my 3 mile training run at the gym on the treadmill so instead I watched some tv, played on the computer & had some carmel corn = 122 calories.  Seriously someone take it away from me!
Finally around 12:30 I decided to just suck it up and get the run over with.  It was pretty much as bad as I had imagined it would be.  My problems with running on a treadmill are 3 fold and all fall into each other.  1) If I'm on a treadmill I'm probably running by myself, which as discussed in the motivation blog, I'm not good at, no one to be accountable to makes Lauren lazy.  2) I get bored & have no one to talk to so I concentrate on how tired I am which makes me want to quit/slow down.  3)  I have too much control over my speed so I slow down (I even walked a quarter mile!).  Not to mention it's freaking hot in there!  I was so sweaty and gross by the time I left, yuck!  Needless to say I'm very concerned about the effect all this snow is going to have on my training for the Broad St run.  If I can't run outside I may not make it :-( ... Anyway, I finished the 3 miles in 35 minutes and was thrilled to go home & shower.  When I got to my car I was pleasantly surprised to find two long stem red roses on my driver side door!  My super sweet boyfriend had stopped at the gym while he was out running errands! 
It was cute, the lady working at the store I had parked in front of came running out and told me they had all been waiting to see my reaction.  I hope I lived up to their anticipation...  The rest of the bouquet was waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home.  While I was arranging the roses in a vase I accidentally broke a champagne flute, glass shards were all over the kitchen!  Joe & I were both vacuuming and sweeping like mad to make sure we got every last piece because you know Jack would find any we left behind.  I told Nicole that having Jack around is really making our house a much cleaner place!  We straightened up a little more because we were having a few friends (Tim, John, Lou/Nicole/Jack, Rob/Angela) over to watch the Eagles game at 4.  It wasn't too bad because we had just finished putting xmas stuff away the night before.  We had a bunch of appetizers in the freezer ready to go and I got a few pizzas from Mike so everyone would be well fed.
1 oz buffalo wing pretzels = 140 calories
3 jalapeno poppers = 280 calories
3 veggie potstickers = 130 calories
3 pizza rolls = 100 calories

 I had one slice of each pizza = 575 calories.  I really could have stopped after the 1st slice of but it's so yummy & they're 14" pizzas so the slices are pretty small.

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost and I think that means their season is over; now Joe will have to make due with watch hockey 3+ days a week.  About 1/2 our guests left after the game but Tim & John hung out to drink scotch,etc with Joe.  I hopped on the computer while they were doing boy things and found an email from Naturalizer about a one day sale.  I decided since I had already purchased the pizza I wasn't risking a spend free day so I bought 2 pairs of shoes.  I've been having some issues with my new smaller pants being too long (even though they're petite), these are both about 3" high so I'm hoping they'll help, plus Naturalizer shoes are usually crazy comfortable.  Hopefully they'll be better with my pants.  I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend, I "have" to purchase something so I go hog wild and buy lots of things...
 I went to bed around 9, I don't even think any of the boys noticed I went upstairs.  I tried to watch some Law & Order: SVU but that show knocks me out every time.  Finally I just turned the tv off and passed out.

How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2322 burned - 1721 eaten = 601 total burned, 6 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 35 minutes today, 225 total for month
4. run 20 miles: 3 today, 8.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - bought pizza & shoes, 3 days total


  1. OMG! Those strappy shoes are super cute!!! I am having the same problem with pants always being too long. I need to buy a couple "short" pairs but usually they are then too short. Ugh.

    And I love all the artsy pics of the food! Yum!

  2. Love the shoes! So bummed I missed the sale!