Getting back on track...

Seriously, I need to get back to it, I'm going to consider yesterday the end of one chapter and today a whole new page.  I was looking at my goal spreadsheet for January and I'm not sure how many of them I'm going to achieve.

1. My water, ok, this one I've got.
2. My calories, I don't have a problem tracking everything that is just part of my routine now.  But I can't have any more less then 500 calories burned days.  Plus my weight is up because I've been cheating and eating junk pretty regularly.  Maybe February's goal will be 750 burned...
3. Fitness minutes, I just plugged in every workout I have scheduled for the rest of the month, if I do them all I will still be 18 minutes short of my 1000 minute goal.  Guess I'm going to have to add in another workout on one of the 4 days I have scheduled to rest.
4. Miles run, this one is already accomplished and with the runs I have planned the rest of the month I should total 35.6 miles!
5. Spend free, there are only 11 days left in this month, I've only had 6 spend free days so far.  I can only spend money 2 more days this month if I want to accomplish this.  The problem is we're having people over Saturday night and I'm going to have to get supplies, there goes one day.  Basically, I've got one more day in the next week+ that I can buy anything :-(...something tells me this one isn't happening.

Now let's take a look my last day of half assedness (pretty sure that's not a word).  As I said yesterday, I was running crazy late.  I changed clothes a half dozen times, didn't have time to make myself breakfast and barely got to work on time.  I went barrelling through the office to my cube where I stopped in my tracks coming face to face with this guy...
One of my coworkers had taken the pirate joking just a little bit further.  He is apparently part of a collection though so I couldn't keep him, bummer.  We also noticed he isn't even wearing boots, more like pilgrim shoes.  I really think I'm going to be pirate for Halloween or maybe puss in boots if you read my mom's comment...  Anyway, I started to get hungry a little while later so I ate the yogurt & clementine I threw in my purse on the way out the door = 145 calories.
I seriously cannot wait for this week to be over!  Every day is a little more irritating then the one before.  I think someone said it's a full moon too.  People were really driving me crazy all morning.  I couldn't wait to get away from my desk & was also pretty hungry by the time noon rolled around.  I know you're all going to be shocked, I ate leftovers for lunch = 244 calories.
It was one of the warehouse guys birthday so we had homemade devil's food cake = 234 calories.
I was super excited when 5pm finally arrived, it was time to get my hair cut & colored!  I always feel so much better all freshened up.  I forgot to take before & after pictures last night so here's one from just now.
It isn't too drastic, not even a new style or color (just a little shorter & darker), but thankfully I can see again and it's stopped flipping up on the left side.

I met my sister, Bill, Dad & Joe at JoJo's in EHT for dinner after my appointment.  I split an eggplant rollatini appetizer with Shana.
My dinner came with soup or salad, I went with the waiter's recommendation and got a cup of new england clam chowder.
For dinner I ordered chicken compagna which is grilled chicken with mushrooms, sun dried tomato & fontina cheese plus I subbed the pasta for broccoli (I only ate half the meal).  You may notice the same thing I did, this is pretty much the same thing I had at Applebee's on Tuesday...  I totaled everything at 873 calories.
It somehow turned into a gift giving night as well.  Joe and I had made sure to bring the housewarming gift we got for Shana & Bill.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it, we had a photo that Joe took of the sunset behind their old house blown up onto a canvas print.  It really came out nice!  My dad had gifts for the four of us too.  A friend of his made these likenesses of each of us.  Here's a shot of mine & Joe's.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all four, Bill's is surfing while thinking of a computer and Shana's is teaching with a cat.
We had a really nice night, it's good to meet up sometimes for no reason.  We were home by 9:30, watched a little tv and got to sleep at a decent hour (in the super bed).

How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 1945 burned -1496 eaten = 449 total burned, 14 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 0 minutes today, 557 total for month
4. run 20 miles: 0 today, 21.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - I spent money getting my hair done, 6 days total

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  1. I am doing terrible on the calories goal too :( Ugh. We need to step it up next month ok??? And I was thinking about cooking you dinner on Tuesday after our workout. What do you think?

    And you are so close to your fitness minutes! That's awesome!!! You can do it! Stop sounding so bummed about it. Goals are supposed to be hard, silly.

    And spend free days? Yeah, forget it. I need to think of something better next month.