Finally Friday!

This working five days a week stuff is for the birds!  I had a good week at the office but was still happy to be out of there for a couple of days.  People always ask me how I can work seven days a week, but it's not like that for me, the restaurant isn't usually work; most of the time it's hanging with people I enjoy and going home a few dollars richer.  But before I get ahead of myself and talk about my weekend I have Friday to review; and it was a good Friday!  

We are running out of lots of little things in the kitchen, we still have all the important foods but we're out of the little extras.  I didn't want a sandwich because we don't have any tomato to put on it & I'm tired of eating cereal every morning.  So to change it up, I decided to make protein shakes.  I used our chocolate powder with PB2, banana, milk & ice.
I made sure to use twice as much PB2 because last time we could barely taste the peanut butter.  It was better this time but still not as good as when I use real peanut butter.  But for less then half the calories what more can I ask for.  I left my normal cup in the car so I subbed in this bottle = 392 calories. 
We were all out of fruit so I decided to buy my lunch.  My plan was to use a Wawa gift card and grab a salad but that idea went down the tubes quickly when Jocelyn suggested we go to Taco Bell.  I love Taco Bell but try not to go there very often because the calories add up quickly.  I got a grilled chicken burrito & a crunchy taco = 600 calories.
Later that afternoon we all really wanted some junk food so Jean, Angeline & I got out the gummy worms.  I'm pretty sure I had 2 servings = 260 calories.  After all that sugar I wanted more, I was totally craving chocolate too.  I kept myself under control though and made it home without any more splurges.  
Amanda and I started our Broad St training after work.  The first run was only 3 miles, we decided to run outside because it didn't seem much colder then on Tuesday.  We were wrong, it was freezing!  But on the other hand, we had a great run!  I was so excited about our time that I took a picture of my phone to post of facebook & message to Joe, Shana and Angela.  If this app tracked our run correctly, I knocked a minute off my average mile for this distance!  If this was my 5k it would have been more then 2 minutes faster then what I did in November!  Crazy!
It really made me feel better about the upcoming runs.  I felt really good during the run & enjoyed myself.  I think that's extremely important, if I'm not going to enjoy running these longer distances then what's the point of doing them?  I also have to stop staring at my calendar so often, it's freaking me out.  Looking at all the training runs on my calendar is starting to bother me, I spaced them out pretty far so that if something comes up I'll be able to move things around but it still seems very overwhelming sometimes.

I went next door to visit with Nicole after my run & we talked about dinner, neither of us had taken anything out so we decided to figure it out together.  We ended up just raiding both houses refrigerator/freezers.  Here's a shot of all the leftover food from my house that we worked on as appetizers.
Lou had some crab claws in the freezer that we put in the oven while we snacked on everything else.  I totaled my whole meal at 304 calories.  We should eat crab claws more often, they're extremely low in calories.  Plus I feel like I'm getting a work out just trying to get them out of the shell :-)
After dinner I was literally falling asleep sitting in the kitchen so I decided to head home to bed.  However, I made a pit stop at this box of pepperidge farm cookies.  I had 3 milanos = 180 calories.
I've been very disappointed in my eating so far this month, I really need to get things back under control.  I know that means I need to start cooking for well rounded meals at home.  I just need to remember to take meat out to thaw!

How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2362 burned - 1736 eaten = 626 total burned, 4 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 45 minutes today, 190 total for month
4. run 20 miles: none today, 5.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - bought some new jeans & lunch, 2 days total

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