Five For Friday - 1/28/11

1. You got me my favorite candy bar & dessert all in the same day...even though it's no good for my diet...

2. You are literally “my better half,” you are a kind, patient, decent, even-tempered man.  I, on the other hand, am impatient; my emotions are all over the board, and I am very direct, blunt, and some may say inconsiderate.  You bring out the better qualities in me and make me want to be more like you.

3. We are now the owners of a Little Tikes basketball hoop because you wanted Jack & Luke to have something to play with when they come over (not sure what you were thinking getting the toy with a bat though).

4.  You always pick up Trop 50 for me when it's on sale, even if it's not on the grocery list.

5.  You sent me flowers at work for no other reason then to say hi.

Xmas 2004

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