I am so not feeling today.  I believe my exact words to Joe were, "I feel like crud" then he asked me what crud is, lol, I explained it's like crap, only worse.  I'm kind of sore, my head kind of hurts, I'm just uncomfortable in my skin...but on the good side...my pants are too big & the rain is supposed to let up so I might be able to run outside tonight!  I'm obviously very conflicted and therefore super whiny...pretty much I just want to go back to bed!  But I'm going to shake this off and try to talk about other more upbeat things.

Like how much bigger I used to be!  I've been going through some old pictures because Nicole requested some of Joe with long hair on Five for Friday.  I cannot believe what I am seeing!  Without beating a dead horse about weight loss, calorie counting, exercising, blah blah blah...I have to say I didn't realize how heavy I was!  I know other things play in too, "baby fat" because I was still a "kid" & a not extremely flattering hair styles (having bangs cut in was the smartest thing I ever did), but still, I can't believe the difference!  The pictures I'm pulling are from a folder I had been compiling of GOOD pictures of Joe & me, I can't believe I'm going to post this...
Seriously, I considered this a good picture of me!  And really there were a few more that were worse but I just couldn't bring myself to post them.  I'm suddenly feeling much better about the extra 2lbs I'm carrying around this week.

Anyway, on to Monday's food.  I started the day with a breakfast sandwich = 317 calories.  Thankfully I used the last of the microwave ready bacon so my calories will be lower from now on.
For lunch I had my normal variety of foods, I tried the tropical fruit cup this time, delicious...whole meal = 340 calories.
I was really craving chocolate around 3pm so I had this promotional packet of M&Ms one of my vendors sent over = 150 calories. 
After work I went to group power with Christina (she got new bangs, they're adorable!).  Our instructor Vern was apparently trying to punish us for something, we were beat up and sweaty after the 1st track.  I went to meet Joe & Tim at The Library for dinner after class (just a head's up, I'm eating dinner out a LOT this week).  I had a cheeseburger with steak fries & a vodka club = 603 calories.  I was pretty proud of myself, look no mayonnaise!
 All these restaurants and their mood lighting make it very hard to take pictures of food.
We splurged on dessert, Joe ordered the peanut butter pie and I got my favorite cream cheese pie (380 calories) and we all shared (I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone, that's how much I love this pie).  Tim had never had any of the desserts at The Library and I'm pretty sure my favorite is now his too.  Bruce (our bartender friend) says he's going to get me my own pie for my birthday!

How did I do on my January goals?
1. drink 64oz of water every day: check, every day total
2. track all my food & burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2287 burned - 1790 eaten = 497 total burned, 11 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 60 minutes today, 522 total for month
4. run 20 miles: 0 today, 18.6 total
5. 15 spend free days - stopped for gas on my way to the gym, 6 days total

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