Our Goals for 2011...

Because I can't seem to get enough of setting goals this year, Joe & I have decided to set some for us as a couple.  Well, honestly, I thought it would be a great idea & when I ran it by him he agreed!
1. We will set a timer and both spend 15 minutes doing nothing but cleaning at least 3x a week.  We hope to use this time to take care of the day-to-day maintenance cleaning.

2. De-clutter our lives, spend at least 2 hours each week deep cleaning/organizing (this is why Joe was cleaning out our pantry last night while I was working out with Angela).

3. Visit 3 new places.  It doesn’t have to be a foreign country or even another state – just somewhere we haven't been before.

4. Do at least one outdoor activity together a month.  Hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, riding a bike all good ideas.  I'd like to shoot for once a week but I don't want to kill us, we're pretty busy people. 

5. One date night a month.  Not a movie or food in between running errands.

6. Go camping at least once this year.  We've never gone together.

7. One new recipe a month.  We definitely fall into a rotation of dinners.

8. Go on a big vacation together.  We had such a good time in Mexico but he hadn't had a vacation like that in a few years.  Now that my vacation time is easier to access we should use it!

9. Spend more time with family, I'm shooting for once a month.  We see our sisters pretty often, usually at least once a month.  Joe usually stops by his parent's house once a week but it's usually during the day so I'm at work & so is his mom.  I stop at my mom's maybe once a month to visit before the gym but usually Joe's at work.  We have dinner with my dad every few months but usually just for big occasions.

10. Finish 1 major project.  My picks are to get a shed or install built in bookcases in the living room.  We'll see if either of them get done or if something else exciting comes up.


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