2011 - the year of 30!

Yep, it's here, the year I turn the big 3-0...  I haven't totally decided how I feel about it yet though.  In some ways I'm bummed because I thought I'd be married & have children by now but at the same time I'm not unhappy with my life as it is.  I love my family, my boyfriend (although I hate that title), my job, my house & my friends, my life is pretty damn good, I've lost 30 lbs and I'm planning to take off another 20 (fingers crossed).  I'm really feeling great!  I would like to set some goals for this month & year but I think I'm going to leave those to a post of their own...  For now I'll tell you about new years day.

Everyone was up & moving up about 9:30 so we went across the street to have some breakfast.  Joe was already at Robert's pregaming for the plunge so Bill & Jack were outnumbered.

I had 2 eggs over easy with home fries & turkey bacon plus rye toast.
After breakfast it was time to head to the plunge, Sarah decided to join me while everyone else went home to wake up :-).  I'm too smart for all that jumping in the freezing ocean stuff so I act as photographer.  There are so many people that they have to block off a full block around Essex Ave with fire trucks and the bar takes out all the chairs.  One year I attempted to go inside but after practically being crushed I know better now & stay outside.  It really is crazy how many people show up.
This is my favorite view every year; as you come up the stairs onto the beach there's just a sea of people.
Joe & his friends running into the ocean, they went twice this year.
I always try to get a shot of the 2 of us; it's funny because he's in a bathing suit & I'm suited up for a blizzard.  Don't you love my new hat?  You can't tell but it's pink & purple so it matched my outfit perfectly.  This year wasn't as bad though, it was about 45 degrees out, I think the water & air were close to the same temperature.
Joe's plunging pals...Sean was in, out & dried off before we even got on the beach.
After the plunge I took Sarah home and Joe went to have a few more drinks/get something to eat.  I stayed and visited with Sarah's parents for about an hour, they are really like my second set, I've known them since I was about 8 years old and I should stop & visit more often.  When I got home I was starting to get pretty hungry so what did I do...have a chocolate/m&m covered pretzel...not the greatest idea, I'm going to need to get this junk out of my house asap.
We spent the majority of the afternoon/evening laying around, Joe watching tv & napping, me blogging & catching up on my reader...not that I got very far I'm still up over 500 unread posts.  That pretzel didn't keep me full for long so we cooked a few of the french bread pizzas we had in the freezer. 
Then I splurged again on one for the cupcakes left over from the party...seriously someone come take this stuff out of my house...
Even though I misbehaved quite a bit I still managed to burn some calories for the day.  1862 burned - 1419 eaten = 443 total burn.  I managed to get all my water but only because I drank 3 bottles while sitting on the couch around 8pm...I didn't eat any fruits or veggies and I didn't work out...WOW what a start to 2011, lol.

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