My Saturday was jam packed!  Not only did I run a 5K in a nor'easter, I also drove 40 minutes to Barnegat for a coworker's baby shower that afternoon then we had a costume party that evening at Mark & Kat's.  Our esteemed hosts were dressed as Desperate Housewives: Northern Arkansas.
Because I knew Saturday would be hectic I made sure to prep my mummy dogs the night before.  I think leaving them in the fridge overnight messed with their cooking because the dough didn't get a brown as I thought it should.  But everyone liked them so they couldn't have been too bad.
 Kat whipped up a variety of creepy treats.  

Lychee & blueberry eyeballs.  We're hoping the lychee keeps well enough that we can make martinis next weekend!
The most delicious brownie graveyard I have ever tasted (must get recipe).
Finger cookies.
Drunken gummi bears and much more!
Everyone came in costume.  I can't believe some people don't like to dress up!  I'm not crazy about Halloween but it is fun play dress up once a year.  Shana & Bill came as the leg lamp and box from A Christmas Story.  Joe and I were Quint & Jaws; everyone said my shark impression was a little too happy.
There was a viking and ice queen, a border officer and escaped Mexican.
and Dorothy with the cowardly lion.
Everyone was doing shots of tequila and downing Kat's delicious pumpkin martinis.
As the night went on things started to get a little crazier.  A giant dog started sniffling and humping everyone and the boxer went a few rounds.
Mark even convince Joe and I to act out Quint's final scene from the movie.
It was a really great night!  I thought it was funny because I had a better time hanging out towards the end of the night with just our normal crew of 8 then I did when the party was in full swing.  I guess some things very change, I'm just not a party animal (har har).  It was nice to get to put some faces to names though.  

I was telling Joe on the way home how grateful I am to have this awesome group of friends and I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy.

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  1. I was looking at your pictures on Facebook. Looks like such a blast! I love all the couples costumes!