September 29th

I decided to delete the post from the 28th because nothing terribly exciting happened that day.  But the 29th was a different story!  I needed to stop for gas on the way to work so I had to leave a little early and didn't have time for breakfast at home.  I wandered around Wawa while my tank filled but nothing looked appealing so I left empty handed.  As I drove to work thinking about what I was going to feed myself I spotted McDonald's and a force drew my car into the parking lot.  I had an Egg McMuffin and a yogurt parfait, so delicious!
I had to stay late at work that evening because we were having our open house.  Everyone was really excited to show off our new building to the rest of the organti.
The landlord even donated a pair of Eagles tickets to be raffled off!  We sent out a company wide email announcing the prize and I think it definitely helped motivate some more staff to stop by.  We were really shocked by the turnout, we thought a few of our favorites might stop by but we ended up with close to 100 people coming through!
The dietary department provided trays of fruits and veggies for everyone to snack on.  They went a little overboard and we ended up with an entire fridge full on trays at the end of the night.

This is the closest we came to a group picture.  I tried to get as many of our team together as possible but with everyone giving tours no one was ever in the same place.

I wanted to make sure to include the picture of Brittany and me because I mention her pretty regularly.
I got home a little later then usual and went immediately over to Nicole's since she and Jack had come home from the hospital earlier that afternoon.  It was so cute, when I walked in the door Jack just pointed at me with his mouth open like he couldn't believe I was there (then he started asking for Joe, typical)!  I spent the majority of the evening at their house catching up on the weeks events and trying on the accessories Nicole was making for upcoming craft shows.
Thanks to all the tours I got most of my steps before I left work so a walk to ShopRite wasn't necessary.

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  1. Wawa has a new bagel with veggie cream cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers that is delicious. You order it from the the deli. For next time!