September 25th

Wow, last Sunday, lol.  I'm not even sure if I remember everything that happened.  According to my phone I started the day with a pumpkin bagel and cream cheese (379 calories).  

A couple our guy friends were going fishing and invited Joe to come along.  He felt bad leaving me home alone on one of our rare days off together but I assured him I'd entertain myself somehow.
I spent the rest of the morning with my butt planted on the couch watching shows on the DVR.  It was nice to get some time to myself.  With Joe being on vacation all week I hadn't had any time alone all week.  I did have to pry my butt up for just a minute to dispose on the leftover birthday balloons.  Ian couldn't leave well enough alone and kept trying to eat the curling ribbon which is really bad for a cats digestive system.
When Joe got home we had some lunch.  I was really craving my favorite frosted mini wheats with almond milk and a banana (373 calories).  Once we finished eating we spent some time in the yard, I pulled with dahlia off one on the plants and put it in a bud vase to brighten up the living room a little.
We decided to use the butternut squash from the farm basket for dinner.  It was our first time trying it and I am in love!  I'll probably try it as more of a side dish next time though.  We followed a recipe provided by my work and over pasta it was a little pasty (609 calories).
I also made these mini pumpkin cheesecakes (114 calories).  I thought they were a little bland because I used canned pumpkin by accident instead of pie filling but everyone that's tried one thought it was delicious.
After dinner & dessert we headed out in search of steps.  We wandered around the plaza across the street and into Starbucks where I went back to my favorite coffee treat the Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte (90 calories).  It was delightful.
Unfortunately we were hit with some bad news on our way home.  Jack hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days and at first Nicole thought it was his molars coming in but when nothing seemed to cheer him up or make him feel better she called the doctor.  Turns out our poor little buddy has type 1 diabetes!  His sugar was up over 600 and they had to take him to the children's hospital in Philadelphia for a few days to get it under control.  We were definitely worried but knew they were in good hands.  I started reading up on juvenile diabetes and prepared myself to learn all about insulin.
1. Use my kayak at least three times ~ 0 times total.
2. At least 25 days with a 750+ calorie burn ~ breakfast: 379 + lunch: 373 + dinner: 609 + snacks: 204 = 1565 calories, 1928 burned - 1565 = -363 total = 11 days total.  goal failed
3. Complete 1250 fitness minutes ~ 0 minutes of anything = 672 minutes total.
4. At least 25 days with 10,000 steps or more ~ 10088 steps = 20 days total.
5.  Set up ebay selling site ~ didn't start yet

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