Day 4: Something Green

I wandered my yard this morning while I was waiting for Joe to come downstairs and take my outfit picture looking for something green for today's post.  I came across a bunch of different options.
This dahlia is growing in what used to be the vegetable garden.  As the weather has gotten cooler the fruits and veggies have died off and these dahlia plants have taken over one big corner of our yard.  I think they're beautiful!
Next I snapped a shot of the adirondack chair we painted "catalina mist."
Lastly the hose that is running across the yard.
Then as I was going through my pictures and uploading for my posts today I came across this shot of my lunch from yesterday.  It's a cobb salad with fat free honey dijon dressing (310 calories) and I figured since this is normally a health & fitness blog it was probably more appropriate to use a food picture.

I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to use 4 pictures a day for this challenge but hey I've always been an overachiever, lol.

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