September 27th

Like I said, that last week of September was jam packed.  On Tuesday I had plans to go to a food & wine pairing at one of the casinos.  The event was sponsored by the GLBT Alliance of South Jersey.  Kat is on their education board and thought it would be a fun girl's night out.  Julie, Shana & I met Kat at the Foundation Room, a middle eastern themed bar at the Showboat around 6pm.  We made sure to claim a comfy private area off the main bar and the speaker even came over and gave us our own private session about how everything was paired for the evening.
Things were run a little differently then we expected.  There were a few tables set up with single serving plates of the different foods and their accompanying wines close by.  We, of course started with dessert.
I'm not sure of the actual names and descriptions of any of it anymore but we had what was basically a cream puff filled with chocolate in a sweet sauce and a glass of red wine.
There were four different types of food and wine and we tried them all.  The only one we all vetoed was the oxtail.  It wasn't bad until we learned what it was and the casing was just too much for us to handle.
Everyone tried the scallops over shredded carrots with white wine.

I really enjoyed the duck paired with red wine.  It was just really hard to get enough of everything.  They seemed to run out regularly and it took a long time before more was served.  After about 2 hours we headed for home.  We had a nice night catching up and trying new things.  Plus we were all home by 9pm!  You can't ask for much more then that on a Tuesday night.
When I got home Joe and I decided to go for a walk to ShopRite and I came across ox tail on special!  I made sure to take a picture and send it to my ladies in case they were craving some.

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