Day 11: Something Blue

As I was getting ready for work this morning I remembered my challenge for today, something blue.  I took out my camera and looked around the yard & downstairs for blue.  Apparently we don't have a lot of blue decor...  

I started with the almond milk, when Joe asked what I was doing I explained the challenge and he told me I could do better.  But I think that at it's core this blog is about weight loss, fitness, etc and almond milk totally plays in.  I love that it's got less then half the calories of 1% milk and I think it's creamier in my oatmeal & cereal.  

To placate Joe I also snapped the shot of the fish pot holder with it's grungy mouth.  Seriously, if you don't have any of these silicone potholders you must get some!  They're way cuter then any old fabric potholder and the grip is fantastic, as someone who burns herself pretty regularly they've been a lifesaver (we have a frog too).

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