Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

I really wasn't sure how I was going to manage this one.  I thought about all the other posts I've seen for it.   Take a picture with the camera covering my face, I tried it but the flash in the mirror washed out everything else.  Wearing a big hat that covers part of my face, I'm not a big hat person plus with my super short hair I feel like I look bald.  Cutting my head out of a picture, doable but hard to do without cropping on the computer since my arms are short.  I really liked the idea of taking a picture of my shadow but I was running out of time so I just started taking shots of myself without looking at the camera and I really like this one.  There's just something about it.  I look nice and svelte, my fair is cooperating and the feathered headband adds just enough color.

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