September 26th

I very seriously considered deleting the 5 posts of have prepped from the end of September.  But then I looked at the pictures and realized I had a bunch of super fun days and want to share them.  I'm not going to bother with with my goals because I failed all of them last month.  I hate to say it because I'll probably change my mind again soon but I need a break for being so regimented, or more accurately trying to be regimented.  That probably means I'll gain weight, but I hope not, I'm still going to count my calories and I have a few races coming up that I need to train for so hopefully things won't get too out of control.  Anyway, here is last Monday, that's right a week and a half ago...

Joe and I had plans to go fishing on Carol & Chris' boat after work that day.  I really didn't think we were actually going to go because the weather was kind of crappy but the boys were determined.  We headed out into the fog a little after 6pm and I just kept my eyes down and prayed we wouldn't hit anything.  After about 15 minutes of cruising the bay we stopped and got out the fishing poles.  I've never really been interested in fishing so I just enjoyed some wine (in a plastic cup) while everyone else cast their lines.
Within minutes Joe had a bite!  I'll admit it was pretty exciting even if the fish wasn't very big.
Pretty soon after that Carol got a bite!  I was sort of excited to maybe give it a try but I wasn't really dressed for getting fish guts all over me.  I think Joe could tell my interest was peaked because he bought me my own  pink fishing rod a few days later!  I'm really excited to give it a try...next summer.
Soon it was getting dark and we were getting hungry.  We decided to stick with the fish theme of the evening and go to our favorite sushi restaurant, Tokyo Mandarin.
Everything was a delicious as usual and we were all stuffed when we walked back out an hour or so later.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow.  Joe and I went for a walk so that I could get all of my steps and then it was off to bed.  It was a busy Monday and the rest of the week was filling up fast!

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