Day 18: Your Shoes

I have a lot of shoes.  This isn't even all of them.  There are 3 boxes of winter shoes in the attic that need to come down now that it's finally getting cooler and my boots are piled in that closet to the right.  

When I was heavier I collected shoes & purses because they always fit.  I didn't ever have to worry that my favorite flip flops or high heels would be a little snug because I ate too much junk that week.  While I still love a good pair of boots (which I no longer have to buy wide calf) and can't say no to a sale; I've gotten much better about buying shoes on a whim.  You can even ask Joe, there aren't nearly as many shoe boxes in our trash anymore.

1 comment:

  1. Rob is never allowed to harass me again about how many shoes I have. Next time he does, I'm sending him to your house.