Day 10: Childhood Memory

The minute I read the prompt for today's post I knew what I was going to use.  Again, I didn't take these pictures, they're not even recent but I think that's OK because they're pictures of the actual memory.  In fact I think the memories have stayed stronger because I've always had these photos to remind me of them.  

This first one is of my grandma Barbara (my mom's mother) and I on the swing set in my mom's backyard.  We're wearing matching outfits!  I'm not really sure why but I'm guessing my mom can fill us in when she reads this.  My grandmother was a super tiny lady and it wouldn't surprise me if she's actually wearing children's clothes.

This second picture is around the holidays.  I think we were playing some kind of game where the box was the boat and she & my sister were trying to keep me (some kind of sea creature) from capsizing them.  I know you're all totally jealous of my puffy painted leotard!

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