new glasses & 3 days of photos

I have been jumping all over the place with these posts lately!  I have a few days worth of photo challenge shots to share and I also wanted to show off my new glasses!  Do you love them?  The picture isn't fantastic but it was the best of about seven that I took right after I got to work the other day.  I wanted something a little thicker that made more of a statement then my old wire rimmed pair.  I also got a pair of prescription sunglasses for free because Pearle Vision was having a BOGO sale.  It's so nice to be able to see when I drive during the day now!
Moving on.  Photo Challenge Day 5: From A High Angle.  I kept meaning to bring my camera upstairs so I could get a picture from the bedroom window but it just wasn't in the cards I guess.  Instead I went out on the back deck and looked around until I found something interesting.  This is the remnants of the wood chips that we drug back from the construction site across the street and our topsy turvy tomato planter.  We really had high hopes for our tomato plants over the summer but animals kept getting to them before we could.  Next year chicken wire around everything!
Photo Challenge Day 6: From A Low Angle.  I mostly just followed my cats around on my hands and knees for this one.  They weren't very accommodating though, probably because I wasn't offering any treats in exchange for their looking at the camera.
Photo Challenge Day 7: Fruit.  I had a bunch of pictures I took at the grocery store but I got impatient while downloading and accidentally deleted them before they made it to the hard drive of my computer.  Luckily I had picked up some of these adorable tiny pumpkins to decorate the office.  I quickly googled to confirm that pumpkins are actually considered a fruit then went to town positioning and photographing them.

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