Day 17: Technology

I think it's so funny that people say running is an inexpensive sport because there isn't any equipment needed.  Not only do I run in $100+ sneakers but I have all kinds of gadgets that I bring with me on pretty much every run.  

Anytime I run I have my Garmin Forerunner 405x.  I was really resistant to getting a watch because of the expense but when the app on my phone started acting up I knew it was time to invest in one.  I love that it tells me exactly how far I've run and how many calories I've burned based on my heart rate.  Not to mention all the other stuff it can do that I haven't used yet, I plan to take advantage of the interval training soon to boost my speed.  I almost always have my phone with me as well.  Mostly because my watch has died on me before and I can always boot up RunKeeper on my phone.  I also feel safer knowing I can call someone if something happens to me (not that I ever run by myself, but still).  Lastly, I've just started running with my little pink iPod shuffle.  I loaded it with 80ish upbeat songs that make me want to move.  Once I get used regulating my breathing while listening to music I'll be golden.  

Obviously the setting on my camera are still screwy from the low exposure and silhouette shots, I'll have to reset it.

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  1. I always joke about that too! Running is not cheap in the end. Gotta love all the gadgets!