Day 13: Yourself with 13 Things

I somehow missed the part about myself WITH 13 things and took a picture of 13 things that define myself.  Oh well.  I think I saw a few other bloggers that interpreted it the same way.  I dug most of this out of my purse since I don't go anywhere without it.  And these are most of the things that get moved from purse to purse no matter the occasion.  I'm starting at the top and going clockwise-ish.
1. My Vera Bradley organizer.  Its and accordion that contains coupons, gift cards and any other little bits of paper that must be kept.
2. My new glasses.  I need them to see anything that further that 10 feet in front of me.
3. Abreva.  You never know when a cold sore might strike.
4. My badge for work.  I can't get into any of our buildings without it, plus it gets me free parking at the garage in the city (great for outlet shopping & nights in AC).
5. Chapstick.  I prefer the Gap brand, their flavors are lovely and its very smooth.  My lips were always very dry until I started drinking ridiculous amounts of water onwith this healthy lifestyle biz.  I just realized I use it a lot less then I used to but old habits die hard.
6. My wallet.  It contains my license, PBA cards, health insurance card, cash and debit card.
7. My cell phone.  It's a Motorola Bionic.  I rarely forget it but when I have I will turn around and go back for it no matter the distance.
8. Comb.  I hate messy hair.
9. Nail file.  My nails break pretty easily, I like to be able to smooth them out immediately.
10. Barrette.  I rarely have hair long enough for a ponytail but sometimes I need to pull the longer pieces out of my face.  It's one of those heavy duty kind with the rubber inside because my hair is crazy thick.
11. Tape measure.  People always think it's crazy that I carry one around but it comes in handy quite often.  Plus it's great to be able to quickly get your measurements when shopping online.
12. My camera.  Technically that is my camera cord but I needed to use my point and shoot to take the picture.  I've been thinking about getting a dslr but I love being able to stick this one in my pocket and bring anywhere.  Plus it's purple!
13. Gum.  I'm a huge fan of the new dessert flavored gum from Extra.  I never really liked mint to begin with and this really helps curb snacking after meals.

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  1. I noticed the same thing with me about the chapped lips! I still have chapstick with me at all times too but rarely use it anymore!