Day 8: A Bad Habit

I didn't actually take these pictures with a camera but they definitely represent my worst habit, online shopping.  I always stick to the sale sections and never buy anything at full price but it's still pretty out of control.  I've been trying to curb my spending but it's so hard when they're sending me emails everyday (no matter how many times I unsubscribe) with GREAT DEALS.  The worst part is that I never return anything so even if I don't love an item I'll keep it instead of driving to the mall or UPS store to return it.  If I was actually trying things on before buying them I probably wouldn't purchase as much but I feel like I hit more stores when I go to the mall...ack...there's no right answer.  In hopes of saving some money, Joe and I have reinstated the ask each other policy.  I'm hoping that will work again.  For those of you who weren't around when I did this last time, before I buy anything I have to convince Joe I need it.  Not only is he super hard to convince that I need a new shirt (or yoga pants) I also think twice about whether or not I really need it if I have to run it by him.

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