Day 25: Something Pink

I have so much pink around that I my biggest problem was what to photograph!  I decided it would be a great time to introduce you all to my new (and 6th) fitbit.  After getting my 5th one free a month or so ago it promptly died a week later.  I was so frustrated!  I talked to a rep and she offered to give me a refund but I wasn't ready to give up so she sent me one of their new Fitbit Ultra models.  It's been a few weeks and it's still going strong!  The body looks the same as before and I was even able to choose a pink insert!  It has a few new features too; it calculates how many flights you've climbed and also has a clock and stopwatch.  But my favorite part is that sometimes when you pick it up it greets you with motivational sayings and your name!  I can't remember any in particular right now but they're pretty funny.  

I've stopped wearing it on my bra which I think is why it hasn't died.  I'm sorry if this is TMI but I sweat pretty easily and I think that keeping it on my bra during the summer months was making the contacts moist a lot of the time and maybe shorting them out.  Here's hoping this one will go the distance!


  1. Do you love the new fitbit? Mine has been kinda wonky since I accidentally jumped in a hot tub with it clipped to my bathing suit. It does the job though, so I haven't replaced it. The new features are super tempting though.....

  2. I really love it. I mean, I've loved all my fitbits but this one is still going strong so that's a plus. The best part really is when I pick it up and it says things like "MOVE IT LAUREN" or "WOOT LAUREN" or "HIGHFIVE LAUREN" lol.