Outfits of the Week ~ 10/10-14

I have been eating so terribly lately.  Well, scratch that, my meals have been totally fine, I've just been snacking like no ones business.  Luckily I still haven't gained any weight but I'm sure that will catch up with me soon.  I've also started noticing that I eat a ton of sugar/carbs.  With Jack's diabetes (pronounced di-a-beet-us) Joe and I have been trying to think of things he can eat without needing more insulin so we can give him as few shots as possible when he's on our watch.  I realized that I am eating WAY too much sugar/carb and my vegetable intake is almost nonexistent lately.  Oh boy, lots of things I need to get back on top of...

My week was fine, nothing terribly exciting.  I'm still on the fence about my hair.  I can't seem to get it as flat as the stylist did which is annoying and I think I'm going to have her cut my bangs back in because this side swept thing is driving me crazy.  

I don't have much planned for this weekend.  I was planning on going to the gym for a short run and group power tonight but I changed my mind because I really don't want to be sore of the 10K on Sunday.  Instead I have a date with my DVR (which is 80% full).  Tomorrow, I'm getting a manicure in the morning and then I'm taking Jack to Anna's first birthday party.  Once that's all finished Kat, Shana & I are going to the AC Marathon expo to pick up our packets for the 10K and perhaps get some matching shirts for the race at the outlets.  I'm hoping to take it easy that night so I'll be super rested and ready for Sunday.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about this race, I haven't done a long run since the 5 mile race at the end of August.  I know that I can physically do it and we've decided that as long as we finish in under 1:15 we'll be happy but it still makes me a little nervous.  Shana and Kat are both faster runners then I am and even though they say we've all got the same goal and pace in mind that doesn't mean I won't end up running the majority by myself if they take off.  Oh well, wish me luck!

Monday ~ one piece sweater/cami  and necklace from New York & Company, skinny charcoal pants from The Limited and black peep toe heels from Macy's.
Tuesday ~ the necklace was a gift from Shana's wedding, mustard cardigan from The Limited, brown cami from New York & Company, brown plaid pants from Ann Taylor Loft and brown peep toe wedges from Jessica Simpson.
Wednesday ~ white ruffled shirt and gray vest from New York & Company, black pants from The Limited and black peep toe heels from Macy's.
Thursday ~ necklace from Premier, pink cardigan and tan cami from New York & Company, brown pants from The Limited and nude peep toe heels from Macy's.
Friday ~ striped cardigan from The Limited, fuchsia cami from New York & Company, black skinny pants and ballet flats from The Gap. 

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