Day 15: Silhouette

Sorry for the radio silence guys!  I have a bunch of posts ready to go for today and they all have various reasons for sitting on the back burner so long.  I have big plans for getting things back in order for November!

I really have no clue how to do anything fancy with my camera.  It's just a little point and shoot for taking pictures of family, friends and food in my day to day life.  I really wasn't sure about some of the prompts that are coming up now so I asked Joe to help me last night.  While he was watching the Flyers game I tried to set something up with candles and flowers but that didn't work so well.  Finally at intermission he drug me out to the back deck and we stood him in front of the porch light to create a fun shape.  I also really enjoy the reflection in the sliding glass door.

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