Yard Work & Grad School

Yep, I'm already interrupting my photo challenge posts.  I just wanted to update you all on a couple things that happened in the last 24 hours.

First, I helped Joe with yard work!  I had been debating what to do about a workout all day on Wednesday.  The weather report was calling for rain but it kept getting pushed back later and later into the evening.  I was leaning towards going to step with Christina & Joanne but really hoping to spend some time with Joe, it's so hard to go to the gym when I know he's at home waiting for me.  I had to stop at the house either way and when I there Joe was still working in the back yard.  The weather looked like it might hold out so I ran upstairs and changed into some old clothes.  I spent the next hour and a half shoveling dirt & stone and raking my little heart out.  It did rain a little but not enough to make any difference.  It was just really nice to spend that time together making our home a better place.  Plus I burned around 400 calories, can't complain about that!

Second, I got my GMAT scores back.  The email hit my inbox at around 7:15 Thursday morning with a link to my official score report.  Unfortunately I had left my paperwork from the test in the car so I didn't have the code to access it.  I tried to push the feeling of dread out of my mind and went about my morning, got dressed, made breakfast and so on but I couldn't shake it.  Finally I ran out to the car and grabbed the form.  My heart sank when I saw the scores, I was so disappointed in myself, I know I could have done better, prepared more.  I immediately went on Stockton's website and looked for the phone number for the graduate admissions office; of course they don't open until 9am!  I got myself together and drove to work trying to give myself a pep talk the whole way.  I walked into work and a few coworkers could tell just by looking at me something was wrong, as soon as they asked if I was ok I burst into tears.  They all tried to make me feel better and I appreciated it immensely but I couldn't feel better until I talked to someone in admissions.  I sat at my desk googling away things like "can I still get into grad school with a low GMAT score."
Finally it was 9am!  I called Stockton but no one answered, I managed to restrain myself until 9:05 then tried again.  This time an angel answered the phone and offered to help answer my questions.  I explained that my GMAT score was low and I wasn't sure if I should even bother applying.  She asked what my score was then explained that Stockton technically doesn't have a minimum score requirement then asked that my undergrad GPA was.  She assured me that between my 3.36 GPA and 7 years of work experience I shouldn't have a problem getting accepted especially if my recommendation letters and essay are good.  I hung up the phone a new person, with a smile on my face I told Brittany everything the woman had said and she offered to help with my essay!  I immediately started looking into filling out my application but I've decided to work on all of that next week though.  This weekend is a time for celebration.  I'll be turning 30 and hopefully starting grad school in the fall!

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  1. If you need help with your essay, let me know!!!