Outfits of the Week - 4/25-29

Before I launch into what I wore all week I just want to celebrate a minute because I have officially lost 40 pounds!  When people ask how much weight I've lost I usually say "about 40 pounds" even though it was actually 37 or 39 or whatever but as of my weigh in this morning I am no longer a liar when I say 40!  Only 10 more to go until I hit my goal! 
 Monday - not a great shot, for some reason my camera just wasn't working well for me that morning.  green button down shirt - The Limited, silver necklace - Premier, grey/black patterned pants - Banana Republic outlet (size 8! this is huge because before I couldn't fit into their largest sized pants) & black peep toe sling backs - Naturalizer (you'll see a lot of these, they're my go to for spring/summer)
 Tuesday - I put this together quickly & luckily Joe was home to take my picture.  navy blue short sleeve sweater - Old Navy, grey pants - The Limited, navy blue peep toe heels - Naturalizer
 Wednesday - I was supposed to attend an event at work so I wanted to look nice (but it got canceled).  pink ruffled shirt - The Limited, black pencil skirt - The Limited, black peep toe heels - Aerosoles
 Thursday - I put this together without much thought and I loved it, felt like I was wearing pajamas.  black cardigan sweater - Banana Republic outlet (size small!), flowy patterend tank - New York & Company, tan pants - The Limited, black peep toe heels with silver & gold design - Piperlime.
Friday - I'm in a great mood because it's the end of the week & I'm off Monday!  blue button down shirt - New York & Company (via Angela), black multi strand necklace - Premier - black skinny jeans - Express, black ballet flats - The Gap

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