Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday!  I packed a lot into this past weekend so I figured I would put together one post with all the most exciting parts!  On Saturday morning I went shopping at The Walk in Atlantic City with my sister & Kat.  The weather was cool and dreary when I left the house and the weathermen were forecasting rain and high winds for the afternoon but that wasn't going to stop us.  I pulled out the new raincoat that Nicole got me for my birthday and went to pick up the ladies.
We got some great deals at Banana Republic and BCBG.  I looked at a few pairs of capri pants and shorts but decided against buying them because my size changes pretty regularly and I figured by the time I needed to wear them I might need a smaller size (remember this a little later in the story).  But my most exciting purchase was at Coach.  A few of my friends suggested I get myself a (non-food related) present for reaching the "no longer overweight" goal; so I did.  Here is my new spring Coach bag, it was only $70 after a 50% & 30% discount!
Saturday evening Joe & I dyed easter eggs.  It's a tradition we've kept up even after leaving our parent's homes.  We don't hide them or anything like that, it's just fun writing each other messages on them.  Plus I love making multi colored egg salad with them the next day.
We even made one for Jack since he went to bed before we got started.
On Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful weather, the forecast was 75 and sunny. We went to breakfast with Joe's friend Sean at Towne & Country.  I wasn't thinking and ordered my usual ham & cheese omelet then remembered we'd be having ham at Joe's parent's house that night for dinner, doh!  After breakfast Nicole brought Jack by and we had a little photo shoot.
The boys headed to Strathmere for some fishing shortly thereafter, I had been hoping to get in one last long run before the race next weekend but Amanda, Angela & my holiday schedules didn't allow for a enough time.  So with a few hours of alone time on my hands I decided to tackle some things around the house.  First I went into the attic and brought down 3 boxes of summer shoes and 1 box of summer clothes.  I unloaded all the lovely open toed shoes & refilled 1 of the boxes with all my suede shoes & fur lined boots then I moved on to clothes.  I tried on everything in the box and found that only 4 of the tops still fit and none of the pants.  I decided while I was on a roll I should go through some of my other drawers and shelves, here's a shot of everything I can't wear.
All this weight loss is a totally fantastic thing and it feels awesome when people tell me how great I look but I'm really getting tired of having to buy new clothes.  Plus I'm concerned that if I have a yard sale with 90% clothing people aren't going to buy much and I'll have to donate it all.  This probably sounds terrible but I spent good money on this stuff and I hate giving it away so that the Salvation Army can resell it, I'd rather give it to my friends who I know will put it to good use.  I was complaining to Brittany about this and she suggested I take everything to Plato's Closet.  It's basically a consignment store, she said her sisters take stuff there pretty regularly; they go in with a laundry basket full of clothes and accessories then come out about $100 richer.  I'm hoping to try it out this weekend!  My plan is to pack up one box of my best stuff and stop on the way back from the Broad St Run expo.  If it goes well I'll try to get up there as often as I can but I think I might look crazy if I show up with all like 12 boxes I have in the attic at one time though.

So once I finished throwing a temper tantrum about not having any shorts or capri pants I continued downstairs to clean the kitchen and make easter egg salad.  It's super easy to make and we used like 20 eggs so I'll be eating it all week, lol.
Joe came home with just enough time to take a quick shower and head to his parent's for dinner.  I have to admit I ate pretty poorly the entire weekend and didn't workout at all.  I burned calories shopping & cleaning but didn't push myself in any way.  I really need to get my butt back in gear.  I take great care of myself all week and then the weekends are a disaster, I'm hoping the nicer weather will help motivate me to get outside and move around some more.
We had a nice time visiting with Joe's family and there was lots of talk about his sister's upcoming wedding.  It started to thunderstorm as we were driving home and we were surprised to find that the power was out at the house.  No worries we just hung out in the yard with the rest of the neighborhood until the sun went down and then lit some candles and listened to music on satellite radio until it came back on.

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