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Ok, so first I have to apologize because I haven't blogged in like 4 days.  I still owe you guys Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday :-(  I just really didn't have time to get everything written, all the pictures are uploaded into untitled posts but I haven't typed aything.  The pronlem is that I think I'm going to run into this more and more in the future.  I've recently been given a lot more responsibility at work which means more hours and less time for everything else...plus if I get into grad school there will be even less time!  I'm obviously going to continue blogging because I really enjoy getting to share my thoughts; but it will have to be less regemented.  No more daily recaps unless my day was really interesting.  I mean do you guys even care to see one more picture of oatmeal with sliced banana on top?  I hope you'll stay with me and even enjoy the change :-)

Thanks - Lauren

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  1. Don't apologize!! Your blog is awesome (even if the banana oatmeal picture is a little redundant) :)

    I can't wait to see your new entries and read about your adventures in grad school! Ooh, but keep putting up your daily clothes - your outfits are super cute and you look great!