Janey's Bridal Shower

We were up bright and early again on Sunday because we were both attending Joe's sister Janey's bridal shower at his parent's house.  I am a bridesmaid and while Joe will be a groomsman on the big day he was acting as photographer of the event.  But first I needed to get a 3 mile run and Joe offered to go with me.  We got up and were out the door by about 8:30am.  It was the first time I was getting to use my garmin for it's actual purpose and it worked great! 
We did the 3 miles in just over 33 minutes but we were both pretty beat up by the time we got home.  It probably wasn't the best idea to run on an empty stomach.  I grabbed a G2 (45 calories) as soon as I walked in the door. 
Joe suggested we grab something to eat across the street but I really wanted a shower first.  Well, I probably should have gone for food because I almost passed out in the shower!  I got really lightheaded and then my vision was blurry, it was pretty scary!  I sat down on the floor of the shower for a minute and got myself together then asked Joe to bring me the Gatorade so I could get some more sugar in the system.  I managed to get out of the shower and dressed before too long and we walked over to refuel.  I had two scrambled eggs with pork roll, tomato slices & rye toast = 523 calories.
We had a few stops to make then headed over to Joe's parents to set up for the shower.  I forgot to take my OOTD picture but here's one Joe took of me during the shower.  I wore an army green bubble hem tunic from TJ Maxx with brown leggings from Macy's and brown ballet flats from The Gap.  It was nice and comfortable but I still looked dressed up for the occasion.
I stole some of Joe's pictures to upload so you all can see the details and get a sense of everything.  MOH Jackie had a friend's wife make this adorable cake, it was vanilla with chocolate chips and fondant icing.
Jackie also took care of the favors, she filled little boxes with homemade chocolates and got butterfly shapes cookie cutters with recipes attached.  I took care of games, we did 3.  For bingo, I made cards using pictures from her registry and then as she opened each gift the guests would mark it off their card with a hershey kiss until someone got bingo.  I find it helps people pay attention when gifts are being opened, a lot of the time guests will zone out or start having private conversations which is kind of rude.  The second game was clothespin.  Each guest was given a clothespin upon arrival and told not to say the magic word, "wedding."  If you caught someone saying the magic word you could take their pin, the guest with the most pins at the end of the shower won a prize.  I find the winner of this game is usually the youngest person in attendence, they tend to not be as involved in conversations and only listening for that magic word.  The third game was a memory guessing game.  I got the idea from a post on weddingbee.  Basically, everyone writes their favorite memory of the bride and then she tries to guess who wrote each.  No one wins anything but it's fun to hear stories from throughout her life.
The RSVP count was a little off so we ended up with a lot of food and drink.  I enjoyed a few cups of sangria, ate a piece of turkey sub, some broccoli casserole, a little pasta salad and a slice of cake = 1166 calories.
The bridal party from right to left: MOH Jackie, BM Megan & me.
She was totally surprised!  They told her to come over to celebrate their dad's birthday which is this coming Friday.  Apparently I had also thrown her off with my birthday brunch invitation, she thought maybe that was her shower, she should have known I wouldn't share such a big birthday though :-)
We jumped right in to opening gifts after the bride & groom had something to eat.

I think the shower was a hit!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we got lots of compliments on our contributions.  We helped them load up the car with leftover food & drink plus all the presents and we were home by 5.  I know Joe was thrilled; I had scared him with stories of bridal showers that never end, lol.
I got right to work on editing and uploading the pictures from the shower.  Joe went out back to work in the yard until he lost the daylight.  I know I should have helped him because it's one of my goals but he excused me since we'd already had a long day and I really wanted to get the pictures taken care of.  I got a little hungry after working for about a 1/2 hour so I snacked on a bag of popcorn = 100 calories.
Nicole & Jack came over when they were finished dinner to hear about the shower and check out all the pictures.  I'm sure all the extra sangria was a draw too though.
They hung out until about 9 and then called it a night.  Joe and I headed upstairs not too long after that.  It had been a crazy weekend and things don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. De-clutter something: thought about cleaning out the kitchen drawer but didn't
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2279 burned - 1829 eaten = 450 burned, 2 days total
3. Yard work w/Joe: -1 for me, failed on my first chance to do this one...
4. Less then 20 meals out:  breakfast @ Somers Point Cafe, 2 down 18 more to go...
5. Ebay/Craigslist: nope

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