Day 10 - A picture of your closest friend.

Here's another post for today since I took yesterday off. 
I figured that while I'm waxing poetic about my friends I'd use this topic to talk about Nicole.  If you read this blog with any regularity you know that Nicole is married to Lou, the mom of Jack and they're our neighbors.  I have only known Nicole for a little over 2 years; we met the day I closed on my house 11/14/08 and that day I knew we'd be great friends.  In fact, my mom was there and said "dear god, they're like the same person!"  I can tell her absolutely anything and even if we don't agree (which rarely happens) she takes my point into consideration before engaging in an open & honest discussion about whatever the topic may be.  She's also incredibly selfless and super helpful.  I asked her to HELP me with a couple of things for a friend's shower and before I knew it she had done the whole project on her own.  I can scream & cry and totally be myself without judgment, I've even stopped prefacing comments with "I don't mean this the way it sounds but."  I really could go on for a long time about what a fantastic human being she is.  But I'll stop now because she's probably totally embarrassed and remind her we still need to catch up on Dexter & make some ice cream...

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