need of another day off

I totally was not ready for Monday morning.  I felt like I hadn't had any down time since Friday but it seemed like I hadn't been to work in forever either.  I spent too much time laying in bed playing on my laptop after my shower and was sure it was going to be a disastrous morning.  But I surprised myself and got dressed in record time.  I only changed my top once!  My OOTD consisted of a brown cardigan from Old Navy, tank (that Joe got me for xmas) & pants from Ann Taylor Loft and brown oxfords from Naturalizer.
I was pretty excited to have some oatmeal for breakfast, it's really become my favorite thing to eat = 321 calories.  I guess we'll see if that changes once the weather gets warmer though.  Joe came downstairs while I was packing up, it was nice to get to chat with him before work.
My work day went really well.  I'm finding that I get a lot more done in the quiet upstairs.  You would think all the silence would make time drag by but it hasn't.  I'm just finding less distractions all around.  Brittany & I were ready for lunch around 1pm = 311 calories.  But since phase 2 of construction has started in the old kitchen we decided to stay at our desks & just close the door so we wouldn't distract anyone.  It was nice getting to know each other better, turns out we have a lot in common.
I also snacked on a few Easter candies throughout the afternoon = 95 calories.  The canbury mini eggs are my absolute all time favorite, there's just something about the milk chocolate and hard candy shell that speaks to me, lol.  I set up a little candy dish on my desk because I'm a good sharer.
After work I was off to group power.  I spent some time in the car reading Unbearable Lightness before going into the gym, it's really such in interesting book.  On one hand you're thinking, "wow, she's totally crazy" but on the other I can kind of relate to her thoughts when contemplating weight loss because part of losing weight is about having the willpower to stop yourself from eating too much and motivating yourself to get up off the couch.  She just took it to a whole new level and her issues weren't all about weight, she was fighting bigger demons because she wasn't accepting who she really is.  I talked to Christina & Joanne about the book a little bit before class and also about how no matter how thin a woman gets she always has some part she'll want to "fix."  For example, I now only weigh 4 lbs more then Angela, when I look at Angela I see a skinny person.  When I look at me I see that I've lost weight but I mostly see the handful or 2 I can grab around my midsection...it's so sad that we tend to see flaws in ourselves first.
Class went well and I'm definitely sore this morning.  Joe ended up getting home a while before me which meant he was in charge of dinner.  He made pork chops with broccoli and we ate some of the leftover salads from Janey's shower = 641 calories.
Our night was pretty quiet, we just watched tv (Parenthood, Perfect Couples & No Ordinary Family) and went to bed at a decent hour.  I thought that Nicole might stop by to help us knock out some more sangria but Lou's car was gone most of the evening so I'm guessing they were out to dinner somewhere.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. De-clutter something: wish I could say I did
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2210 burned - 1368 eaten = 842 burned, 3 days total
3. Yard work w/Joe: got home after dark...
4. Less then 20 meals out:  all home cooked meals, 2 down 18 more to go...
5. Ebay/Craigslist: nope

These goals are not making me feel very good about accomplishing things...


  1. BOO!!!! Lou was at an association meeting, and I was trying not to bother you because I know you wanted to study for your GMAT's this week......Even though I was dreaming of Sangria!!! <3

  2. YAY for your first comment! Sorry I didn't call, I just assumed you were out :-(