Closet Clean Out & a Great Run

I didn't have a lot planned for Sunday, I needed to do a long run and we had to go to Joe's parent's house for cake to celebrate his dad's birthday.  I got up early so that we could have breakfast together before Joe left for work.  We just went across the street since he didn't have a lot of time, I ordered banana pancakes (carbs are good for running) = 515 calories.
The downstairs DVR wasn't very full so I decided my time would be better used upstairs.  After watching a little tv while laying on the bed and listening to the washer/dryer plug away I knew I needed to get up and get my blood flowing.  I chose to clean out my closet,  I took each and every hanging item out and tried them all on.
Then I made piles (1) stuff that fits and will be kept, (2) stuff that will fit for another month or so and (3) stuff that is too big and must be gotten rid of.  Then I put everything away that still fit and went through pile 2 again keeping only what I really like.  I was left with this much stuff to box up for the yard sale I'm planning to have in June!
Amanda came over around 1pm for our 9 mile run.  Nicole & Jack were over when she got there and I wasn't really motivated to get changed so we visited for a little while before she made me go get ready.  It was the first time I was on my own for water & GU (100 calories), usually Angela's like my mom giving me my snacks.  The run went REALLY well!  Our time was 1 hour 42 minutes, I will totally be able to finish Broad St in under 2 hours!  It was a fantastic run, the weather was great, my water belt was easy to run with and I just felt good the whole time.  I grabbed a blue G2 (50 calories) when I got in the house but my legs were so tired that I practically had to crawl upstairs and into the shower.  Once I was clean I just spent some time laying across the bed watching tv and recuperating, my legs were  getting more and more sore as time went by. 
Joe ended up getting out of work early so we made plans to have dinner at The Library with Lou & Nicole, but first we had to stop for cake.  It was nice just hanging out joking around with his parents.  We even looked at some stuff he's storing in his old room to see if we can use any of it at the house, not likely.  Just before 7 we said our goodbyes and headed over the the restaurant.  Sunday nights are $15.95 prime rib so there's not a lot thought going into your order.  The salad bar was delicious as usual.
I asked the cook how big the steak is and he said 10oz, then I asked how many ounces he thinks are actually eaten because we all know I'm not logging all that meat unless I'm eating it, he estimated 6-8.  Works for me!  I totaled the whole meal at 1151 calories.  But considering I burned 1183 on the run I feel like I totally deserved it!
We left pretty soon after we finished eating because Jack was getting crabby.  There was some talk of stopping for dessert but I was too full.  We tried to watch a little tv downstairs when we got home but I kept dozing off on the couch.  Finally, just before 10 we decided to go up to bed.  Unfortunately my legs had been getting worse and worse all night and Joe almost had to carry me upstairs.  Stupid exercise!

How did I do on my March goals?
1. De-clutter something: YAY for closet clean out!

2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2643 burned - 1816 eaten = 827 burned, 7 days total
3. Yard work w/Joe: no yard work done today
4. Less then 20 meals out:  breakfast at SP Cafe & dinner at The Library, 9 down 11 more to go...
5. Ebay/Craigslist: nope

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