Birthday Blowout - Thursday & Friday

I've decided to break my 30th birthday extravaganza into three posts because there are just way too many things to talk about. 

My family has always gone out to dinner for birthday celebrations.  I found it so strange when Joe & I started dating and his mom asked what he wanted her to make for dinner on his birthday; in our house it was always "where do you want to go?"  Well, I chose Steve & Cookies in Margate for my birthday dinner with my dad on Thursday night.  Joe & I went to this restaurant for the first time a few years ago on a recommendation from Mark & Kate and it was been one of my favorites ever since.  I really love their Ragout of Beef Short Rib (with mushrooms over fresh Papadelle topped with Claudio's ricotta cheese and fresh grated horseradish root) and order it every time.  They only serve it on their winter menu and we missed it the last time we were there for our anniversary back in October.  I was so bummed I even changed my facebook status to something about not getting to have it.  That was when I found out a friend from high school is a chef there; he let me know it's only available certain times of the year so now I check with him before we make plans to go.
They had a special two pound lobster for $35 so Joe made sure to have that, he wore the bib and everything.  I'm not a huge fan of lobster but I'm pretty sure Joe would eat it every day if he could.
We had a really nice time at dinner.  April is always a fun month because we get to see a lot of our families & friends with all the birthdays.  Although it's a little hard on our wallets...

Friday was Bill's 27th birthday and he wanted to spend it at Harrah's.  The plan was to start at the video poker bar, have a few drinks then have dinner at the Waterfront Buffet before returning to the poker bar for the rest of the evening.  The reason they like the poker bar so much is because you get free drinks as long as you're playing one of the machines, it the same set up as everywhere else in the casino except this is an actual bar and it's easy to make a $10 bill last a hour is you play then chat with friends then play some more.  We all met up around 7pm and played a few hands of poker to get some drinks then looked for Bill's que that it was time to eat.  Unfortunately for us Bill had run into an old friend and had a few more drinks then planned.  We finally managed to drag him away around 8pm but the damage was done.  When Bill drinks he gets very affectionate, when hugging a friend he accidentally grabbed her boob and then it became the funny thing to do.  Shana banned him from grabbing my chest, you know us being sisters and all, so he went after Joe.
Once we were seated and everyone started eating he started to feel a little worse for wear.  I kept bringing him plates of macaroni & bread hoping to help counteract the martinis but mostly I think he just wanted to lay down.
The buffet closed for the night and it was time to head back to the bar.  We were surprised to find our friend Tony working!  It was too bad we were all so full, we couldn't even take advantage of his hospitality.  When Shana & Bill didn't show up at the bar we thought they may have called it a night but apparently they just took a walk around the casino in hopes of sobering up a little.  It seemed to have worked but Joe and I were ready to call it a night so we wished Bill a happy birthday and headed for home a little before midnight.

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