Birthday Blowout - Saturday

Ok, so I didn't actually do any birthday celebrating on Saturday but I did a couple of blog worthy things so I decided to include it in the Birthday Blowout grouping.

We had a lot on our plates for Saturday.  Joe was still on vacation from work so it was nice to get to spend the day together but with my party scheduled for Sunday we really had to get all of our weekend "stuff" done on Saturday. 

I started by going across the street to Tiffani's nail salon to get a pedicure, I hadn't had one since December and was planning to wear an open toe shoe to brunch on Sunday; it was totally necessary.  While I was having my toes done the girl convinced me to get a gel manicure as well.  I've heard about this type before; it's supposed to last up to 2 weeks without chipping; I can ruin a manicure in minutes so I decided to give it a shot.  Here's a picture of my nails a few hours after my appointment and I'm happy to say two days later they still look exactly the same.
Joe ran a few birthday party errands while I was at the salon and we met up at the house just before noon then packed up and left for the afternoon.  First stop was DSW, we were meeting Joe's mom & sister out by the mall to help find bridesmaid shoes and earrings.  It only took about an hour and we were finished; I'm pretty happy with the what we picked out too.  Plus Janey got to check the last two items off her list!
We went from Mays Landing up to Vic & Tammy's house in Deptford.  Joe had offered to help Vic with some plumbing in their downstairs bathroom and I came along to hang out with Tammy.  I had gotten an email from The Limited that morning that they were having a 40% off everything sale so I casually mentioned I might be interested in doing some shopping.  Tammy is an expert shopper and jumped at the chance to find some deals.  We made sure the boys were ok to keep an eye on Luke and we were off.
I needed to find some new work shirts for the spring/summer because I had gotten rid of a lot when I cleaned out my closet the weekend before.  We started at The Limited and I loaded up on tops from the clearance section.  While modeling them for Tammy she kept talking about how some would look great with a pencil skirt, well, I don't have a pencil skirt so we added one to my pile.  After we finished purchasing most of the size M (and some size S) clearance section we went to Victoria's Secret.  Because of my weight loss all of my bras are too big.  I had them measure me and I went from a 38D to a 36B/C, no surprise there.  I picked out five new bras and was in line to pay when we got a call from the boys that they were hungry and going to pick up Wendy's for dinner.  We told them to enjoy and decided to stop at Bonefish for dinner on the way home.  Tammy was excited to be able to eat in peace and I love saucy shrimp!
When we got back to the house we decided to total up my purchases from The Limited to see just how much I saved.  The retail value of everything I bought was $471 and I only paid $105!  It's amazing, that's less then $10 per item for really quality clothing!  I told Tammy I'm hiring her to be my personal shopper!

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